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Security recovers 80 stolen herds of cattle from Kitgum

Kitgum, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Security personnel in Kitgum have recovered 80 herds of cattle that were stolen on Friday night from a kraal of the late former RDC of Gulu, Maj. Santos Okot Lapolo.

The cattle were reportedly stolen from the late Maj. Lapolo’s home in Ojorongole village, Lunganyura parish in Orom sub-county, Kitgum district. The RDC of Kitgum, William Komakech says the animals were recovered in Lobanya parish, Kacheri sub-county, Kotido district.

Komakech reveals that during the recovery of the stolen animals, all the other animals that were found in the same kraal with the stolen animals were impounded. He however did not specify how many animals were impounded in all.

He says other locals from Kitgum who lost their animals to the Karamojong are identifying their animals from among those impounded.

Komakech reveals that they are expecting a call to go and receive the recovered animals anytime.

Komakech says this has been the largest single raid in the history of the area, and the raiders used the corridor of Agago district that does not have any deployment.

Kitgum and Agago districts have suffered increased cattle raids by the Karimojong in recent months. The increased animal raids have been blamed on the absence of the Anti-Stock Theft Unit personnel, that was withdrawn to go and take part in the ongoing disarmament exercise in the Karamoja sub-region.

Reports indicate that since January this year, the Karimojong have looted 86 cows, 643 goats and killed four civilians.  However, the recent incident brings the number of cattle looted from Kitgum in the past two and half months to166.

While in Agago district, the cattle rustlers have raided more than 100 cows and more than 200 goats since the year began.

The development forced leaders of the two districts to request government for the revival of armed vigilante groups in areas frequented by the Karimojong cattle rustlers.

Last week, both Agago and Kitgum district security committees recruited arrow boys to guard the locals and their animals against the increasing Karimojong attacks.

Komakech says 165 arrows boys were recruited from Kitgum and are yet to start training, thereafter will be deployed in their various villages.



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