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Nominations for 6th HiPipo Music Awards kickoff

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  Nomination channels for the 6th prestigious HiPipo Music Awards have been opened and will run until November 15, 2017 when the  exercise will be closed.

While announcing the nomination kickoff, Innocent Kawooya, CEO HiPipo noted that the 6th edition of HiPipo Music Awards comes with a broad theme “The Hall of Fame”.

Kawooya explained that HiPipo Music Awards established The Hall of Fame to honor music of lasting quality that has made contributions to Uganda’s cultural heritage.

The nomination process is part of a series of  activities that are being undertaken and will culminate with the 6th HiPipo Music Awards grand finale slated for January 27, 2018 at the Kampala Serena Hotel.


The Hall of Fame will honor recordings that are at least 10 years old and will have been released over a 20-year period between 1989 and 2008. The Hall of Fame theme embodies the creative spirit and cultural significance of the greatest recorded Uganda music!


Celebrating music from East Africa

The 6th HiPipo Music Awards categories will further reflect the  broad embrace of the East Africa Community with more East Africa categories added.

“Additionally, we shall have categories with broader reach out to the different niche markets and regions in Uganda to enable us celebrate a board variety of music that is contributing to our entertainment and cultural variety,” Kawooya explained.

“Like we have always promised, every year HiPipo Music Awards delivers an event much better than the previous one. Ours is an ascending curve and are not about to stop this.  Just like before, we are not here to appease but rather to reward deserving winners. A deserving winner is one that accumulates the highest number of votes as per the voting criteria.”

Starting with the 6th HiPipo Music Awards, the organises are introducing the Music Assembly that will be a composition of select previous winners and nominees of HiPipo Music Awards and select media personalities among others. The Music Assembly will have a vote that will contribute 30 per cent to 7 categories among which will be Artist of the Year, Song of the Year and Video of the Year while the rest of the categories as always will be fully decided by the fans vote.

The gala event tickets will go for Sh 200,000, VIP Tables at Sh 5 Million, and Corporate Tables at Sh 6 Million.

The fast growing awards brand has meanwhile named “King Of Radio aka King Wesley” its new Director of Public Relations.

King Wesley is a Ugandan radio presenter, television host and Events Host. He is the Co-Host of HiPipo Music Awards and Digital Impact Awards Africa for the last 3 years. He also hosts a daily morning show on Spirit Fm plus hosts events and awards in Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa and many more.

The 6th HiPipo Music Awards Program.

  • 15th October – 15th November: Nominations Collection
  • 4th December: Nominees announcement
  • 5th December to 27 January 2018 – Voting

27th January 2018- Awards Gala Event



  1. Harrier sapient nagitta

    Dis wat I was waiting for. Anyway much respect to all and specially king Wesley. Dis might be da best hipipo awards. I wish ziza bafana might take the 6th hipipo awards of the artist of the year.
    We are waiting now, then how do we start da nominations coz its like complecated

  2. Harrier sapient nagitta

    Can we please more information about how to nominate n music awards and which categories we have to nominate in

  3. Harrier sapient nagitta

    Please how do we nominate in 6th hipipo awards music Uganda and in which categories

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