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Muslim terror case assessors set to give opinion on July 11

Kampala, Uganda GODFREY SSALI The International Crimes Division Court will next week hear the assessors opinion on whether the 14 suspects behind the slain muslim clerics should be convicted or acquitted.

This after the panel of three judges Ezekiel Muhanguzi, Percy Tuhaise and Jane Kiggundu summed up the prosecution’s case to the assessors in respect to charges they were indicted for, murder, terrorism and attempeted murder.

The three Assesors, Robert Lubega, Muhairwe Judith and Muhammad Ddumba are members of the community who have no legal training but have been attending court and following the trial from a lay man’s point of view.

However, their opinion is not biding on the judge.

In order to prove these charges, the DPP adduced evidence of 36 witnesses.

The assessors have to now advise court on whether prosecution has proved beyond reasonable doubt all the ingredients of these charges such as whether the Deceased Shiekhs death was unlawful, participation of the accused persons as well as the intention for their actions.

That deceased Sheikhs; Mustafa Bahiga and Hassan Ibrahim Kirya allegedly died of gunshot wounds on December 28th,2014 and June 30th, 2015 at, Bwebajja and Bweyogerere while the attempted murder of Sheikh Haruna Jjemba occured in Matugga.

The 14 accused persons are led by Amir Umar Shiekh Mohammed Yunus Kamoga.

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