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Mpigi district petitions education ministry over poor funding

Five stance pit latrine for Martin Buyiga Primary School

Mpigi, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  |  Mpigi district has petitioned the Ministry of Education over the poor quality of school buildings and Latrines.  The district is seeking an increase in financial allocations in order to improve the quality and quantity of classrooms in order to accommodate a large number of learners. 

Mpigi District Education Officer Deogratius Sekyole has told Uganda Radio Network that the district has been receiving not more than 240 million Shillings for the construction of classroom blocks, pit latrines, staff quarters and purchasing desks among others, for the last five financial years.

The money would be shared among the 110 Universal Primary Education Schools in Mpigi district. But according to Sekyole, the funds are too little to cause any impact.

Majority of these schools according to the DEO do not have enough teachers and only a few of them have staff quarters to accommodate the available teachers. The department has now listed down all the needs in the schools and submitted it to the Ministry of Education for redress.

The district council health and education Secretary Juliet Jemba says that the funds released by the ministry for the department can only be used to partially address challenges for only two schools in the entire district which is just a drop in a sea.

She says that not more than five schools in Mpigi district have standard sanitation facilities St. Martin Buyiga Primary school is one of those schools where boys, girls and their teachers share the same pit latrine and the entire school community is in tears. 



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