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Lumbuye to be flown to Uganda Saturday morning

Istanbul, Turkey | THE INDEPENDENT& URN | Ugandan blogger Fred Lumbuye who was arrested in Turkey, will be deported to Uganda Saturday morning, Foreign Affairs State Minister Henry Okello Oryem has confirmed.

“Lumbuye will be deported to Uganda tomorrow morning. On arrival he’ll put in custody and later brought to book for inciting sectarianism using social media,” said Oryem.

Oryem earlier said that Ugandans should be happy that who has been breaking the law has been arrested.

Lumbuye is a Ugandan blogger living in Turkey who has been a thorn in the shoes of many government officials. On his popular social media pages especially Facebook, Lumbuye is fond of making wild allegations against the government and its officials.

In July, he was a source of a rumour that dominated social media that President Museveni was very ill and admitted to a hospital in Germany. And the following days he took his allegations to even another level when he announced that Museveni had actually died from the hospital where he had been taken.

Speaking a few days later, President Museveni said the country has got another challenge of social media that it must deal with urgently. He ordered security agencies to hunt down anybody who is trading rumours that he was dead and for those outside the country, their citizenship should be revoked.

According to Lumbuye’s associates online, he was arrested at the Ugandan Embassy in Istanbul where he had gone to renew his passport. The embassy is yet to make any statement on the issue.



  1. Am disappointed in the turkey government and their authority that they have allowed this that’s y racism and stereotypes will never finish in such countries on black people so turkey 🇹🇷 government one day you will answer for this injustice thank you Allah punish you .

  2. Tumwebaze Solomon

    He made alot of challenge, not knowing was challenging him self.

  3. Enos Franklin Mutwana

    Sorry but Ugandan opposition cannot be taken seriously by any sane Ugandan if it’s represented by the lumbuye type. Sorry once again but I won’t feel sorry for him.
    We need opposition of substance not balogo.

  4. Sincerely, tabling lies about the president is not good. try to write the truth if you are a credible person. Lumbuye did it wrong.

  5. I hate people celebrating after hearing someone is dead…some of u will die before museveni dies…u may not know what tomorrow will bring for u…The Bible says…respect the rulling goverenment do that the future governments shall get u alive…

  6. Never jock with government because government has an opportunities to arrest you

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