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Opposition applauds US for sanctions on prisons boss

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The opposition welcomed the sanctions recently imposed by the United States government on the Commissioner General of Prisons, Dr. Johnson Byabashaija.

Last week, Byabashaija was sanctioned by the US Department of Treasury over allegations of torture of prisoners.

Addressing journalists on Monday, the Leader of Opposition in the Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga said such sanctions provide an opportunity to hold all people involved in human rights violations accountable, for the way they exercise authority while in positions of power.

“The lesson we learn from the sanctioning of the Commissioner General of Prisons is exercise of authority should be measured. We have seen people come out of prisons with torture marks the media was awash, especially last year with reports of torture victims and they are being produced in courts and they have been in custody,” Mpuuga said.

“Prisons hasn’t come out to disown the torture or spell out who is responsible for the torture,”

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