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Health Ministry clarifies on unhappy Masaka COVID-19 patient


Masaka, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT & URN | Uganda’s Ministry of Health has responded to a video critical of how COVID-19 patients are being treated in Masaka, saying what was recorded was a temporary shelter, as they await a well furnished main ward that is being renovated.

The patient complained of squalid conditions where they are hospitalized, and called on government to intervene.

The Ministry whoever said health workers have experienced challenges with the complainant ever since she arrived at the hospital. ( FULL STATEMENT BELOW)

Meanwhile, the ministry announced today that 11 new Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases have been confirmed, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the country to 859.

The new cases were part of 3,386 samples that were tested yesterday. Nine of the confirmed cases were from the community, while two were picked from truck drivers at two points of entry.

The cases from the community were picked from Amuru and Nwoya. The two cases at points of entry where picked from Mutukula and Busia.

As of 27 June, 2020 a total of 356,000 cases of COVID-19 had been reported on the African continent. 171,000 recoveries and 9,100 deaths have been reported.

Only five African countries have not reported any COVID-19 deaths as of yet. These include: Seychelles, Eritrea, Lesotho, Namibia and Uganda. Uganda has recorded 794 recoveries and no deaths as of today.

Dr Misaki Wanyengera, an epidemiologist and also the head of the COVID-19 Scientific committee says that Uganda’s low cases and deaths are as result of acting early.

“Before we got a case, we locked down the country. This has helped up record new cases but it does not mean that we shall not get more cases or even record deaths. If we do not take caution, we shall record some deaths,” said Dr. Wayengera.


Our attention has been drawn to a video recorded by an asymptomatic COVID-19 female patient at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital that is currently making rounds on social media.

Despite the gross exaggerations by the patient, the Ministry of Health would like to clarify as follows:

• The patient who recorded the video arrived at the Hospital about two days ago after she tested and was found positive for COVID-19 at Mutukula border point trying to cross to Tanzania. Preliminary epidemiological reports indicate that the patient was trying to travel to South Korea through Tanzania. Unfortunately, this did not happen after her sample was confirmed for COVID-19.

• Masaka Regional Refferral Hospital as mandated offers a wide range of services, including non COVID-19 specialised services.

However, with the outbreak of the pandemic, the Hospital set aside a 20 bed capacity ward for treating COVID-19 patients.

But with the an increase in the numbers of Males diagnosed with COVID-19, the Hospital administration took a decision and improvised a temporary structure to cater for female patients as a measure to avert potential challenges that may occur when the males mix with females.

The patients will be transferred to a well furnished main ward as soon as the renovation works are completed.

• The structure captured in her video was used as an emergency measure as the Hospital expands its bed capacity to over 50 to accommodate more patients.

• The ward captured in the video has a functional electrical and water system, contrary to what the patient alleges. However, the hospital administration has pledged intensify waste management to ensure good and proper sanitation at all times.

• The Ministry would like to state that all patients on isolation are given sufficient meals and water. Therefore, it’s not correct that they are given meals in little portions as claimed by the patient.

• Contrary to the allegations in the video, the medical workers check on patients regularly. From time-to-time, the medical staff guide patients on their prescribed medications.

• In the same vein, the Ministry of Health appreciates all frontline health care workers who have sacrificed their time to attending to patients in all the hospitals countrywide.
However, Health workers have experienced challenges with the complainant ever since she arrived at the hospital.

The Ministry encourages all patients to remain calm and strong as they undergo treatment and the psychosocial teams will continue to provide counselling services to all patients. The Ministry of Health would like to wish all the patients admitted in the several treatment centers countrywide a quickly recovery.



  1. The Ministry statement doesn’t answer the complainant’s allegations of being issued with non prescribed drugs and lack of water at the Covid19 ward. Indeed it contradicts itself by saying that it’s trying to deal with sanitation issues.

  2. This is a disgrace to our government!!! And all along the government is saying that they are helping out!!

  3. Seen it all and nolonger sure who to trust since the truth is brushed off in broad day light.

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