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Gunfire, teargas in Luwero as youth stop motorists from driving under Kabaka arch

The arch built to welcome the Kabaka. Youth forced motorists on the Kampala Gulu highway to user alternative routes at this point, forcing police to intervene. PHOTO @Bluwaga

Luwero, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | Anti-riot Policemen have fired teargas to disperse youth in Luwero town who had blocked Kampala-Gulu highway ahead of Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom visit on Satuday. The youth did not want anybody to pass through an arch they constructed over the road to welcome the Kabaka, until he has gone through it, tomorrow.

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi is expected Saturday at Kasana playground in Luwero town council to launch the Bika (clans) football tournament.

Since Monday this week, youth from Luwero town council have been constructing an arch near the pineapple roadside market in Kasana, Luwero town council.

On completion of the arch Friday afternoon, the youths mounted barricades made of wood and stones to block the traffic through it until Kabaka passes here on Saturday.

The youth stood in the road singing praise songs for Kabaka. Others sat in the road as they drank alcohol as well as drumming and dancing to cultural songs.

The youths forced drivers to pass through feeder roads to connect back to Kampala –Gulu highway.

The road was blocked for close to seven hours paralyzing transport at the road which is the gateway to South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Luwero District Police Commander Living Twazagye, LC 3 Chairperson Chris Johns Buwembo and Buganda Kingdom representative in Bulemeezi County Ronald Mulondo tried to persuade the youths to unblock the road to ease traffic in vain.

At around 7.30pm, the Anti-riot Policemen commanded by Living Twazagye the District Police Commander fired teargas to disperse the youths to clear the road.

Twazagye said that he resorted to dispersing the youths because they had refused to listen to anybody and had become unruly on the road.

Police have also confiscated the public address and drums which the youths have been using for entertainment throughout the day.

Shops and restaurants closed as Police engage the youths in running battles on the streets.

By the time of filling the story, the Police had cleared the road and traffic resumed but gun fires could still be heard around the town.

Earlier security personnel traveling in a Toyota Prado also fired live bullets so as to clear the way through. The youths scampered for their lives but later they regrouped and blocked the road again.

The youths also throw stones at another truck belonging to Uganda People’s Defense Forces, an act that alarmed the soldiers occupying it and they cocked their guns but didn’t fire at them.




  1. Community diagnosis and management

  2. “Refused to listen to any one, became unruly on the road”

    One of the highest numbers of mob justice

    The behaviour Scientist will be active for some time

    For Background review:
    this is not what it used to be

    It is not only manifest on the road

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