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FDC threatens to skip IPOD Summit

FDC leaders are contradicting themselves on IPOD summit. FILE PHOTO

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) National Chairperson, Wasswa Birigwa has said the party is considering boycotting next week’s Inter party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) summit.

He argued that IPOD summit is “not serious” and “premature.” The IPOD will be the first ever summit of leaders.

Birigwa’s statement contradicts a commitment made by FDC vice president for Eastern Uganda, Salam Musumba last week at the official unveiling of programme for IPOD summit.

Musumba said last week said FDC joining the summit in the spirit of promoting multiparty in Uganda and securing the future of the country.

The summit slated to take place Wednesday, December 12th at Speke Resort, Munyonyo, bringing together presidents of political parties represented in parliament. FDC is the largest opposition party in the country.

The summit discussion will be centered on four thematic areas; strengthening political parties to enhance their relevancy and effectiveness, consolidation of constitutional and electoral reforms, promotion of inclusiveness in national politics especially in relation to role of youth and women in politics and strengthening democratic governance, human rights and observance of rule of law.

Responding to questions after addressing journalists during the weekly party presser at FDC offices in Najjanankumbi, Birigwa the decision to participate in the summit is “heading towards not to participate.”

He argued the summit is supposed to be a climax of a dialogue process. The party presidents are supposed to meet to sign agreed documents not to start discussions. Birigwa said FDC is not interested in photo opportunities with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is expected to attend the summit.

Asked whether he was contradicting the commitment made by Salam Musumba, Birigwa assertively said; “I am the chairman.”

He argued that previous drives to bring about improvements in governance never yielded positive results. For instance, he referred to citizen compact for free and fair elections proposed by civil society in 2014. The proposals were brushed aside by National Resistance Movement.

FDC has never recognised Museveni as winner of 2016 presidential elections and the rightful president of Uganda. They have been saying that they were cheated.



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