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FDC supporters clash after failedpParty primaries in Jinja

FDC supporters clash at Kakindu stadium

Jinja, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | Police deployed heavily in Jinja, to dispel clashes between Forum for Democratic Change-FDC supporters after failed party primaries. The FDC Supporters converged at Kakindu Stadium on Thursday evening, to elect their official candidate for the southern division mayoral race. 

In the race were Jinja Central Division Chairman Mubarak Kirunda and his counterpart  William Ebusa, the incumbent chairperson of Mpumudde-Kimaka Division. But Kirunda, one of the candidates did not show up, forcing Ebusa to demand that he should be declared unopposed.

This sparked a protest in which Kirunda’s supporters held sticks and pushed delegates outside the voting hall. But the other faction also retaliated by pelting stones at the attackers. As a result, the exercise was cancelled.

Kyalya Kuwaya, one of Kirunda’s supporters said that there was no need to hold elections because the opponent had already left the party and had been inactive for close to ten years. He had wanted Kirunda to be declared a sole candidate because he had been consistent in the party.

Peter Kasiko, another supporter said that Kirunda has over the years supported party members to uplift their political career and losing him to a weaker candidate will reduce their grassroots support.

However, Zeridah Namusoke, Ebusa’s supporter says that FDC leadership should ensure party democracy other than promoting some members at the expense of others. 

Meanwhile, Reagan Okumu, the head of the FDC Electoral Commission in Jinja district says that the party is harmonizing with the contestants and next steps will be communicated at a later date.



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