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Equal Opportunities Commission releases gender report

Janat Mukwaya Minister for Gender

The Equal Opportunities Commission has released its third report naming sectors complying with gender issues in their yearly budgetary allocations for the FY2017/2018.

While releasing the report at the Commission’s head offices in Kampala at the end of December 2016, Sylvia Ntambi, the Commission’s chairperson said overall sectors performed at 57% for FY 2017/2018 compared to the same performance recorded a year before.

The performance is picked from the Budget Framework Papers submitted to the Ministry of Finance for consideration while documenting budgetary allocations for the various sectors.

Ntambi said performance areas take the form of how sectors propose to fund activities involving men, women, youth, children, girls and boys in addition to considerations made for those working in hard-toreach areas among other things.

“We want to see equalization of opportunities for all,” said Malole Zaminah, a member of the commission. The social development sector scored highest with 88% while accountability sector scored the least marks 32%.

Sectors that scored less than 50% will have to engage with the Commission for them to up their mark and be able to receive budgetary allocations. These include; lands and housing (scored 36%), energy and minerals (36%) accountability (32%).

Those sectors that never submitted their BFPs for consideration in this exercise include legislature, JLOS and Public Sector Management.

These will fund the Commission to conduct their gender compliance levels or risk not getting any budgetary allocations for the financial year 2017/2018, according Ntambi.



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