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Chances of Lukwago returning are very slim

By Patrick Kagenda

Kidandala speaks to The Independent’s Patrick Kagenda

On working with KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi:

I tried a lot to reconcile Jennifer Musisi with the Lord Mayor. However whenever we would be approaching an amicable solution the lord mayor would throw tantrums and the situation would go back to square one.

“I told him we are accountable to our electorate, let’s work with Jennifer to achieve our objectives, he would seem like he has agreed with me only to turn around at the last minute.”

“2016 is approaching, shall we go back to the people and tell them we opposed everything but Jennifer and her team implemented whatever we opposed. Already people are saying Jennifer has achieved a lot since becoming ED, and there is no need for the post of lord mayor anymore. What does this mean to us all in the political arena?”

On working with Minister Frank Tumwebaze:

“He is the minister for Kampala and the council is under his docket.

Yes I am DP but at the top of government is NRM. This does not mean that I cannot work with NRM. It’s the government in power and was elected by the Ugandans like I was elected by my constituents who are Ugandan first and Kampalans next. Many DP mayors before we came in worked well with the government, John Ssebana Kizito, Nasser Ntege Sebagala, all were DP and worked well with government. This is what I tried to explain to the Lord Mayor but he refused to accept it. His problem is that he acts on emotions and speculation.”

“That aside, the lord mayor being out does not mean work at the council comes to a standstill. Yes some of our members had wanted us to walk out because the lord mayor is out. Even he seems to want us to walk out with him which I think is not the right thing to do.” “What is happening today at KCCA is not a takeover of the lord mayor`s position but we are putting right the part that was remaining, signing the minutes because it is not a favour to appoint a deputy lord mayor but its mandatory according to the KCCA act 2010. I could not act when he was still in office but now that he is out I can act according to the KCCA Act because his chances of returning to office are very slim.”

On whether he has received money from State House to sellout his boss as the other councilors are alleging:

“I have never received any money from any one. The only money I hope to get is the emoluments I have worked for over the last four years which had been held because of the unsigned minutes that approved me as the deputy lord mayor.”

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