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Bovine babesiosis disease kills cattle in Omoro district

Bovine babesiosis is a tick-borne disease of cattle caused by protozoan parasites.

Omoro, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Bovine Babesiosis disease has killed dozens of cattle in Lakwaya sub county, Omoro district.

Denis Wokorach, the Secretary of Production and Marketing in Lakwaya sub county says that the disease was last week confirmed by the district veterinary department and has so far killed and infected dozens of cattle in Loyo Ajonga parish in the last two weeks.

Wokorach explains that the infected animals present with swollen hooves, drowsiness, and loss of appetite and consequently die within less than four days only.

He adds that the carcass of the infected animal also looks very reddish and when cooked it becomes very soft and tasteless.

George Opwonya and Peter Odong who are all livestock farmers in Loyo Ajonga Parish say the disease has killed two of their cattle and two others are still battling the disease.

Wokorach notes that a team from the district veterinary department has visited and examined the infected and deceased animals and said that the disease is caused and spread by ticks.

The veterinary department in consultation with the area leaders has temporarily halted livestock movements in and out of the area saying that the disease is highly transmittable to other animals as a mass vaccination program is being designed.

Bovine babesiosis is a severe and often fatal disease of cattle caused by protozoan parasites Babesia bigemina and Babesia bovis which are transmitted by the ticks R. decoloratus and R. microplus, respectively.

The disease is characterized by fever, anemia, red urine, and the death of the susceptible host. It is one of the major tick-borne diseases affecting livestock productivity in Uganda.



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