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Arua city health officials resort to homecare camps as chicken pox cases rise

Resident infected with Chicken pox.

Arua, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Health officials in Arua city have embarked on homecare camps to manage the outbreak of chicken pox in Ayiforo, Dadamu and Tanganyika cells in Ayivu division, Arua city. The contagious disease was first observed in Ayiforo cell, three weeks ago after a teenage girl developed itchy rushes on her body and was admitted at Arua hospital.

Upon investigations at her home in Ayiforo, it was discovered that over 33 people had the symptoms of the disease while more than 20 others were struggling to recover from the disease with the help of a retired health officer.

Most of the victims presented with loss of appetite, muscle and joint aches, cough or running nose and itchy rashes on their face and body with spots and fluid discharging blisters, which takes a week to heal with proper medication.

On noticing the gravity of the problem, Arua city health officials have resorted to setting up homecare camps to manage the disease as the Health Ministry and World Health Organization carry out more investigations.

Elias Mahmud, the in-charge of risk communication and laboratory services in Arua city, says that they are still making more consultations with WHO as they set up homecare camps for treatment and educating the affected people.

Dr. Pontius Apangu, the Principal Health Officer Arua city said they have moved closer to the affected community to monitor their condition and sensitize them on good hygiene practices.

Chicken pox is an infection caused by the varicella-zoster virus. It causes an itchy rash with small fluid-filled blisters especially in children and is highly contagious to people through person-to-person contact.



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