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All Kampala taxis to have a new look

Kampala taxis to get new route stickers 

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Having completed the registration exercise of all taxis in Kampala, the Ministry of Works and Transports will soon issue special route stickers for use in the city.

“Taxis will soon be easily identifiable with route charts, numbers, areas of operation. This will help curb insecurity and bring order in the industry,” the ministry’s head of Public Relations Susan Kataike said.

The chart specifies the name of the taxi owner, car registration number, terminal or park of origin, route number and details of the route up to the final exit from the city.

Taxis will be expected to operate on specific stages in parks, and specific route, and not to operate on streets but some defied the directives.

KCCA has gazetted eight parks in Kampala. They include Old, New, Natete, Nakawa, Usafi, Namayiba, Kisenyi and Namirembe.

The issue of the parks remains an issue, with Mustafa Mayamba the Chairman of Uganda Transport Development Agency-UTRADA arguing that taxis from Old taxi Park cannot fit in the other taxi parks in town. He says that when KCCA was renovating the new taxi park, they had more space to place taxis, for instance, the Namirembe and Namayiba Parks that were by then not yet well-established.

He says KCCA should permit taxis to operate on three streets, Burton Street around Aponye Mall, Channel Street and Nakivubo Mews opposite Owino Market as renovations of the Old taxi Park continue.




  1. It’s going to work for us to avoid tax robberies and accidents. Most passengers losses their luggages and couldn’t record the tax numbers. So this idea is going to work. I appreciate this new program.

  2. Is this the best way to fight COVID-19?!

    • What does the renovation and re-organisation of taxi parks have to do with fighting Covid-19? Don’t confuse issues please. This would have been done in “ordinary” times as well.

  3. The best news I have heard so far since covid

  4. Saddened Ugandan


  5. With eight taxi parks around Kampala, this has been a good move. If KCCA fully eliminates touts from these parks, there will be some kind of relief.

  6. There is a political saying “never let a good crisis got to waste.” In every situation there is an advantage. Covid has created time for development in away.

  7. i think that can be helped the passengers to follow their’s property’s dismissed and good to know that taxi’s where they are going. Well done KCCA

  8. This is a good idea. I think it will help us a taxis are working how is the government thinking about bodabodas who are not working ??since our recoveries have reached up to that extent and worship

  9. Great idea. There’s always an opportunity in order. There’s a lot more investment going to get into public transportation. I hope to see them list. Let’s adopt order.

  10. my opinion to the government of uganda is the government mast prepare a bus stop in every 200-300 mit in a separate place for a taxi. those taxi drivers who drop and pick are the one that they make more accident.

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