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THIS WEEK: Museveni visits women murder scene in Entebbe

THIS WEEK: Museveni visits women murder scene in Entebbe

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | As pressure over government inaction over women murders in Entebbe and Nansana municipality was heightening with some groups opting for protests, the president made a spot check on one of the scenes in Katabi town council where a body of one of the women was found dumped.  Museveni who spoke to relatives of some victims assured residents that security in the area is to be enhanced to ensure that no more women are killed.

“Police has been using backward methods. We are going to solve this using new technology such as DNA to investigate. We shall also install CCTV cameras in major cities to ease Police work,” he said.

Residents expressed worries that even after Police boss Kale Kayihura and Henry Tumukunde the security minister pitched camp in the area and promised to crack down the criminals murders continued.  By the time the president visited the number of women being killed under similar circumstances stood at 23 in just a space of about three months.

However while there seems to be many questions surrounding the motive of these women murderers, latest information from police shows some are cases of sexual assault, domestic  violence, ritual murders  and family conflicts.

Meanwhile as part of short term solutions, Nkumba University located near Entebbe has had to adjust timing for its evening lectures from the usual 9pm to allow students return home early since most of these crimes are anticipated to be executed late in the night.


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