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THIS WEEK: Museveni speaks out on age limit

THIS WEEK: Museveni speaks out on age limit

For the first time since debate surrounding amendment of the constitution to lift presidential term limit started, president Museveni commented on the topic following a question by a journalist.

Museveni who was rather cynical in his response told a news conference held at State House in Entebbe that these were just rumors pushed by selfish people seeking to derail government from service delivery.  However, when he was asked if he would stand again after 75 years if given chance, he declined to answer saying they had already wasted a lot of time on the question.

The president has been severally pinned by critics on whether he still holds the same opinion as he had in 2012 when he was interviewed by local television – NTV where he said he wouldn’t consider being president after 75 years for to him by that age a person has lost the vigor to perform such roles.

Now at 74years old, Museveni will be 77 in 2021 when Uganda goes to the polls again. Some think he might want to amend Article 102(b) of the Constitution to allow the age limit currently at 75 to be lifted.



  1. Kazibwe abdulsalaami

    what is wrong with that mzeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee twakoowa

  2. James jones bantu

    Owaye ukuhulira, mzee tayenda kulekulira, npegano abasoga bamuyita omwibi

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