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UWA boosts domestic tourism with buses

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda Wildlife Authority has boosted domestic tourism with the acquisition of five brand new tourism buses worth US$800,000.

The funding was part of the US$100 million World Bank funded Competitive and Enterprise Development Project (CEDP) overseen by the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU).

“The purchase of the buses is a true gesture that the government supports the development of domestic tourism in the country,” said Godfrey Kiwanda, the State Minister for Tourism during the launch of the buses at UWA headquarters in Kampala.

“One of the challenges that has been hindering UWA to promote domestic tourism is transport costs. Ugandans should take the advantage of the buses to tour their country since the rates will be affordable to local people,” he said.

UWA Executive Director, Andrew Sseguya, said the new development is part of the agency’s strategy to grow tourism and improve conservation in all the national protected areas.

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  1. The new buses to the Ugandan by UWA is a good gesture not only to the enthusiastic Ugandans but also to those that would not argue anymore.
    Buses to Maramagambo for example will not only be miraculous but simple impossible
    Let me say this buses to the following attraction will be a miracle
    1. Maramagambo,
    2. Mt. Elgon Kapkwata
    3. Ishasha Queen Elizabeth national park
    4. Lake Mburo national park
    5. Kidepo During Rainy season
    and so on
    yes good gesture but let analyze the purpose of those buses again maybe to the urban attraction but again UWA and UTB hope they have come to tour operator experts, costings, bookings, itinerary developers and many other things in tour operations oooh!
    good start maybe borrow a leaf from the kenya’s KWS buses and where eventually they went

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