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UNEB postpones release of 2020 examination results

UNEB spokesperson Jennifer Kalule Musumba confirmed report. File Photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has postponed the release of 2020 national examination results due to restrictions of Covid-19.

According to the programme, the examinations body had scheduled to release the said results before the end of June starting with Primary Leaving Examinations, but now the release will take a little longer, though the actual date is yet to be specified.

Jennifer Kalule Musumba, the UNEB spokesperson says the programme has been affected by the new COVID-19 restrictions that were announced by the president last Friday.

Musumba says currently, the UNEB offices are completely closed yet they had a few issues to work on some of which require staff to be physically present.

Besides the lockdown, Kalule also adds that the delay of swearing-in of new ministers also affected their program. “We still need to wait for the swearing-in of the line ministers who are the authorities that are part and parcel to the exam release,“ says Musumba.

Although schools are currently closed, Musumba notes that UNEB needs to ensure that examination results are released earlier so as to fit in the available school calendar.

For instance, according to the school calendar, the 2021 academic year is scheduled to begin on September 20, 2021. Musumba asserts that by this time, results and other processes like school selection should have been completed to ensure that learners begin off their studies without any delay.

At least 1,181,965 candidates sat for their final examinations at different levels of P7, S4, and S6.

The candidates were supposed to sit for the exams at the end of 2020. However, their studies were disrupted by the closure of schools at the beginning of the year, following the outbreak of coronavirus disease.





    Maybe the swearing in of the new education minister but nothing else can hinder the release of PLE results.


    Is UNEB telling us that unless the country is unlocked,it won’t release PLE exams?

  3. I know the lockdown has led to the posponing of our results. But urge our president and the ministry of eduction and sports to work together to ensure early release of our 2020 results in time. Thank you

  4. Thank you uneb for the work being done

  5. I hope they will be out soon..%.respect.%

  6. Thank you uneb for that good work.we are waiting

  7. am pretty glad about all your endeavors but please let us expect them soon

  8. It is not good to make somebody wait and yo release when he/she has failed


      Where are their results i wud lyk to see whether they valued my money or not.


    Where are their results i wud lyk to see whether they valued my money or not.

  10. Let’s expect them soon
    We respect uneb

  11. As you postpone results, also know that parents are eager to hear how their children have performed. So you had better released the results soon to reduce tension and anxiety in the public!

  12. We shall wait until it is released, we have to stay calm though we are interested in looking at covid performance

  13. Let’s expect them soon 🙏

  14. I hope they will be out soon.

  15. I am Joma Romano from uriama. Sorry for the interaption. I hope they will be out soon.

  16. I am Joma Romano from uriama. I hope they results will be out soon.

  17. I am Joma Romano from uriama. I hope they will be out soon.

  18. Better release those results to give hope for the learners and their parents. Are you aware that our children are getting married

  19. Namuwu Derrick Bwayo

    I am Namuwu Derrick Bwayo, i expect your positive consideration towards the release of our results

  20. Thank you uneb for the great work
    We are looking forward to receiving our results for you

  21. U0010/136
    I request for the results of that index number

  22. It wil be better for uneb to release the results earlier to avoid school dropouts, lose of hope,faculty determination inrelation to financial arrangement which wil affect about 35% of the students edu.

  23. Please 🙏 am waiting for Uce exams. But when are they coming back.

    • Namugera Francis

      uneb is always at its perfection, so brothers and sisters in the query we need patience though engulfed with anxiety to see the results, life plays an important role stay safe and avoid covid-19, you will see your results with happiness

  24. This is unfaire what the president is doing. How can the release of results relate with COVID? Our girls are destroyed due to this prolonged lockdown. Where are we heading? Atleast stop other things but let schools reopen to safe guard our girls

  25. I know they will be back soon
    0112141 034


    But When,,,,are you aware that our students are getting married… Early our results

  27. Time will come

  28. I’m Webisa David, I think Mzee Tibs is all about interupting the education system coz at first, a fake curriculum was published.Now young men where are we heading

  29. We have been waiting for so long
    And how long will it take us to wait till
    Covid can’t affect the release of the results

  30. Things r really getting out of hand. I would request all responsible personal to help ensure early release of our results coz, “We r very eager en anxious” Thank you UNEB.

  31. Will Uneb help and lower grading scale of ple2020,at least you help so that our candidates dont lose hope.

  32. Will Uneb lower grading system2020 at least help and lower in order our pupils can have hope.we respect uneb

  33. Malesh Stanley David

    We will wait

  34. I need MG girl’s results please guys.

  35. Good strategy. I am humble. I know I have passed and patiently waiting for the release at the appropriate time.

  36. We are waiting for the UNEB to release our results UCE and hope to be released soon

  37. Please release the PLE result in time not waiting till jesus comes back

  38. Only big thanks to uneb for massive work done.

  39. Patience pays please my fellow Ugandans,we need to first be safe before results coz results may stay u die which will make no sense thanks to our government

  40. FYI !
    I really want to know my results soon

  41. Am really impatient!!! Hope they are released soon. Thx for the work your doing UNEB.

  42. Loibok Nicholas Lokwang

    The best way for uneb is to release,uce&uace exams. This is very paramount for each and every candidate to know his/her performance so dat he/she finds the way for survival. Last but not least, it gives hope and courage to our young girls who might have done well in their exams to abstain from early marriages.THX UNEB FOR SUPPORTING UGANDANS!!! Nicholas Loibok LOKWANG

  43. They have already released PLE results, when are they realising UCE resuls for 2020, or if they add us other 42 days you again postpone

  44. Nakacwa Maria assumpta

    When are our results out s4

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