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UCC says deadline for SIM registration won’t be extended

By Julius Businge

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has urged strongly telecom subscribers to register their SIM card registration before the set deadline of Feb. 28.

In a statement released on Feb. 8, the commission said no unregistered SIM Card will be connected on any network in Uganda after Feb. 28.

Since March last year, the UCC has been spearheading the registration of all active mobile subscriptions in Uganda in a bid to fight crimes related to the mobile phone.

Uganda has a total population of over 35 million people, with a growth rate of over 3%. Of these, about 16 million are mobile phone subscribers.

SIM card registration is a process of recording and verifying mobile phone number/s and personal information of a subscriber, by the communications service provider. The registration is in line with The Regulation of Interception of Communications Act, 2010.

The registration exercise intends to, among others, help law enforcement agencies to identify the mobile phone SIM Card owners, track criminals who use phones for illegal activities, curb other negative incidents, and also help service providers know their customers better.

The Commission urges subscribers to verify their registration details by dialling *197#.

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