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Thelma Kuteesa; Yoghurt maker

By the Indepenent Team

While yoghurt is popular for its unique taste and nutritional value, many people don’t find it a lucrative business venture given the hard work involved in ensuring high quality and hygienic standards.  For Thelma Kuteesa, it is just an easy and normal business that earns her an extra income from friends, workmates and relatives. “Yoghurt is relatively simple to make. It can be produced in small amounts for supply to work places and other institutions,” said Kuteesa. The urge to put her savings of Shs 3.5million to good use and earn an extra income pushed her into starting a home-made yoghurt business thanks to her home economics classes at ‘A’ Level.   Kuteesa uses various ingredients such as milk, milk powder, stabilizers, sugar, flavours and food color. Depending on the type of yoghurt she intends to make, Kuteesa uses whole full fat or low fat skimmed milk. Today, Kuteesa makes a range of yoghurt flavours including strawberry, chocolate, mango, vanilla and plain yoghurt.

Success tips: Hygiene, keeping abreast with trends

“The quality of yoghurt and the environment within which it’s made are vital to your yoghurt shop’s success,” explains Kuteesa. “If you have more exciting flavours to offer, you have a better chance of being profitable as the demand swells.” She also urges one to understand the trends and also keep abreast with the demands and likes of customers. In the near future, Kuteesa plans to expand the business with more flavours and open an outlet to work away from home.

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