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Taxify to disconnect dishonest drivers

Kampala, Uganda | JULIUS BUSINGE  | In the coming months, drivers/riders operating under Taxify might have to abide by the terms and conditions of the trade lest they lose their job.

Julian Byamugisha, the city manager for Taxify, Kampala told The Independent by email that Taxify team recently flagged fraudulent activity which led some drivers to lose access to their Taxify driver app.

“Taxify has a firm policy against fraud,” Byamugisha said adding, “Any attempts to manipulate the application is immediately flagged and the driver permanently deactivated from the platform.”

This comes as Taxify executives, on Oct.23 muted a short-lived protest which was caused by the loss of bonuses that some drivers claimed they were supposed to earn.

But the company said in a notice that some riders/drivers had heavily breached the terms and conditions by attempting to manipulate the bonus system which resulted into some losing their accounts.

Byamugisha however said that Taxify is committed to providing a safe and reliable transportation solution.

“It is our core policy to remove all drivers that heavily breach the terms and conditions of Taxify from the platform,” she said.

Asked to explain the lessons learned from the short-lived protest, she said: “Drivers are at the core of our business and we will continue to work on the overall driver experience and to provide the support they need to be successful in their businesses.”

Analysts say protests are not healthy for a business operating in a highly competitive environment.


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