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These car repairs will cost you

But you can avoid them Owning a car also brings to responsibilities; maintaining it and repairing it. Maintenance is done when the car is not broken and repair follows when the car is broken. Generally, maintenance costs less than repair. That is why we bring you these tips about some …

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T-cut with care

Removing the clear-coat paint on your car body means you must wax regularly to avoid algae | The Independent | Scratches on the body of your vehicle irritate. Yet they are unavoidable with our narrow roads, bushes, bodaboda, rough car washers, and naughty kids who think your black car is …

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MOTORING: Why is Subaru Forester so popular?

Kampala, Uganda | MOTORING GURU | “When it comes to versatility there’s no vehicle like the Subaru Forester. It has it all: performance, reliability, economy and function. Subaru’s engineering and track record are exceptional.” Words written in 2004 when Subaru’s latest offering at the time; the Subaru Forester 2.5XT (T-for turbo) …

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How does a car remain so popular for so long? Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Sometime in 1996, a new type of vehicle called the Toyota RAV4 – which stands for Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-Wheel Drive – hit the American market. It was the start of a journey that …

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Safest Seat in car surprising

Kampala, Uganda | MOTORING GURU | It used to be that the backseat was considered safest in any car. Normally it was compared with the front – and the risk cards were stacked clear against the front. Of course, even back then, it was not scientifically correct that the back window …

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TECH: Volkswagen targets Sub-Sahara

One car likely to benefit is the Volkswagen Polo By Motoring Guru The German car maker, Volkswagen, has launched a Sub-Saharan Africa region to develop and strengthen the African market. Sub-Saharan Africa is a geographical term used to describe the area of the African continent which lies south of the …

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