Tuesday , February 20 2018
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Sugar crisis hits hard

The sugar shortage in the country has seen sugar prices going as high as Shs8,000 for a kilogram. Various explanations have been made for the crisis of one of the most essential household commodities. According to the sugar manufacturers association, the shortage was caused by a ten day shutdown of Kakira and Lugazi Sugar Works for routine maintenance.

This left Kinyara sugar factory alone which is unable to fill the void. A number of traders say that the price of sugar in Kenya has gone up and due to this, consumers there are now coming to Uganda. Consequently, the sugar Uganda is producing is being smuggled into Kenya to meet the demand there. Others cite the scarcity of the raw material-cane which has gone up from Shs80, 000-170,000.

Minister for Trade Amelia Kyambadde issued a directive capping the price of sugar at Shs5000 but traders say her directive will not work.


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