Tuesday , August 20 2019
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Sheikh murder suspects have case to answer

The High Court has ruled that leader of the Tabliq Sect Sheikh Yunus Kamoga and thirteen other Muslim clerics have a case to answer in regard to the murders of rival Muslim leaders. Subsequently, all the accused persons will undergo trial and defend themselves against the charges. Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi, the lead judge on the three-member panel of the High Court’s International Crimes Division, said there was sufficient evidence to have all accused persons defend themselves in the case. “The prosecution has established a prima-facie case against each of them in respect of each of the four counts. Consequently, court passing on section 73 (2) of the Trial and Indictments Act, hereby informs the accused persons of their rights to give evidence on his or her own behalf, make unsworn statement or to call witnesses in his or her defence. That is the ruling,” Muhanguzi ruled.



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