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Rwanda celebrates 24th Heroes Day

Kgame lays a wreath

Kigali, Rwanda | FRANCIS BYARUHANGA | Rwandans on Thursday celebrated the Heroes Day with the celebration being organized at Village levels as speeches was held at grass root with the theme ‘Upholding Heroism to build the Rwanda we want’

However, President Paul Kagame with other senior officials laid the wreath on the graves of the Heroes at National Heroes Mausoleum in Remera Kigali on national level.

The Chairperson of the Chancellery, Dr, Pierre Habumuremyi, honoring the Heroes’ Day says heroism lies in the need to preserve the good example that was set by some of the freedom fighters so that other young Rwandans could emulate them.

He says the country was liberated through the miracles, However, that the sacrifices were delivered on the sacrifices of others as a result that they need to be honored.

Sylvestre Nyandwi, The Executive of the Cell, Kamashahi, Kanombe, Kigali, says, there is a need to teach heroic virtues to the youth so that it could be a legacy to all Rwandans. He urged the youth who were present to shun away with the drug abuse, prostitution and alcoholism since it could ruin them and limit to turn Rwanda’s future heroes .

“You cannot grow in the destructive lifestyle and then expect to be a hero. He cited some of the Rwanda’s prominent heroes Rwagasana Michel, King Rudahigwa and Fred Gisa Rwigema,” he says.

Heroism virtues as legacy to the youth

Aridee Ntwari , the Executive Director of the Foundation for the youth future, the organization that fights drug abuse and steers the betterment of the youth, says, heroes day means a lot as far as conserving what was achieved is concerned and that they have to foster that development through mobilizing the youth to  avoid temptations that could mislead them to be part of the development since they are the future generation of tomorrow.

Felix Manzi, The program officer, National Youth Council, urged the youth to embrace heroic values and practice them through finding the solutions of their problems. For instance, the main contemporary problems are the lack of jobs and unemployment. Thus, all this challenges the youth can turn them into opportunities.

He says the youth should also fight against all odds of cultural imperialism by retaining the names of their forefathers or copying western culture that are eroding the Rwandan culture.

The Injured freedom fighters speak out

PROTOGENE BIRAGUMA was injured in 1994 in Kibungo, now Ngoma. He was 18 when he was Injured by a bullet, he was hospitalized in Kibungo hospital from ’94 until 2008. He received a house and started a business, the bar he owns.

He says was inspired by other heroes of africa who fought and liberated their countries like Mansa Munsa, Shaka Zuru,King Menelik II of Ethiopia,Mwanga of Buganda and many more others. He says those heroes  fought  colonialism and as a result countries were never colonized like Ethiopia.

JONATHAN MUVUNYI was 18 when he was injured in 1994.  He was  hospitalized in Byumba from ’94 to 2008, when he received a house. He adopted 3 kids; his last-born is graduating from university this year. “I am so happy for my country’s development, we got what we fought for”

He says todays heroism should be shown through development and economic prowess of the country as the war of bullets has been put to an end.

JOHN NDEKEZI, President of the Injured soldiers on the war, Kibaya Village, says, they joined the army in 1991 and got accident while driving at Ruhengeri. However, that despite the lameness that was bared as a result he is well and looking for his 2 kids & 3 adoptive children.

We really thank our leadership for always remembers us and they didn’t let us beg for food on the street.

“When we were fighting during the war we had the right cause of ending refugee hood, seclusion, ethnic division among others bad governance practices.Though, this was due that our brothers attacked Rwanda as a result by the need to end dictatorial regime and positively what we were fighting for were all achieved. Therefore, we had no regrets for losing the physical fitness of our bodies while liberating the country,” he says.

Rwandan Heroes are in the categories of IMENA, IMAZI and INGENZI.

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