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Russia proves to be self-sufficient in every way, Putin says


ANADYR |  TASS |  Russia has shown the whole world that it is self-sufficient in every way, President Vladimir Putin said.

“The main thing that we proved to ourselves and the whole world is that Russia is a self-sufficient country in every respect. It’s strong and it’s moving forward, and it looks confidently to the future. This is undoubtedly the most important outcome from last year,” the president pointed out at a meeting with local residents in Russia’s easternmost town of Anadyr.

“Even Europe’s leading economies are going through hard times. We are on the rise and they are on the decline. Well, we’re not here to talk about these details. This doesn’t make us happy but the fact remains that they turned out to be more dependent on us than we were dependent on them,” Putin noted.

“The problems they are caught up in can’t even be compared with our problems,” the head of state emphasized.

“When I look at all these young, beautiful, active, talented people, I feel like they are my own children, that we are family. I am so happy for their successes, their well-being, their potential,” he said.

“This is where we see Russia’s potential. When we all work together to solve specific problems, challenges, like now, doing it in a calm, businesslike, benevolent manner, in a systematic way, success is inevitable,” Putin emphasized.



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