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Romantic emotions on canvas

Dancing Lights for the month of love

Kampala, Uganda | DOMINIC MUWANGUZI | In Edison Mugalu’s current exhibit titled `Dancing Light’ the motivation is to immortalise the magnificence of light when it appears to be dancing, as if in motion.

Mugalu‘s art explores the manner in which light is broadcasted on surfaces. He concentrates on the shimmering effect of the light either on water or hard surface like the city street. The ghostly human figures in the paintings appear like they are disappearing into the immerse light and canvas; almost transporting the viewer with them. This is Mugalu’s painting forte and evokes particular sensations.

The concept is not new for Mugalu, an impressionist artist whose primary niche is painting dazzling waterscapes bathed in vibrant colours of blues, oranges and yellows. The paintings on canvas are both vibrant and elegant with a lingering muse about nature and the viewer is almost tempted to “drown” in them because of their magnificent beauty.

The new artworks largely concentrate on the cityscape or streetscapes and the dancing light effect is produced as a result of human action: by enabling and interrupting the supply of light at the same time. It is as if everyone in the street is shooting off fireworks.

Mugalu’s skyline awash with fireworks evokes the nature of an artist who, beyond the urge to capture such rare and exciting moments, also seeks to document the technology of the time and the people response to it.

Fireworks have become popular at major local festivities like weddings, music festivals and parties. They create sensations of excitement, delight and love which the artist captures. The artist, with his colourful palette, is in turn revealed as a romanticist. This is also Mugalu’s niche. As he evokes love emotions with his work, he says he seeks to implore humanity to live harmoniously in this era interrupted by social injustices and prejudices. His dexterity to create such classic illusions on canvas makes his art dreamy and is a perfect souvenir to a loved one during this month of love. It’s an appropriate, or even urgent, revelation happening in February and the Valentine season.


Dancing Light exhibition is showing from February 16 until the end of March at Umoja Art gallery located in Kamwokya, opposite Kobil Petrol Station.

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