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Rev. Wanok installed new Lira catholic Bishop

New Bishop for Lira. PHOTO @IreneNabwire4

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Reverend Sanctus Lino Wanok has been installed the new Bishop of Lira Catholic Diocese.  He replaces Rev. Joseph Franzeli following his appointment by Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church in the World on November, 23rd, 2018.

He was installed by John Baptist Odama, the Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese at Lira Cathedral at 10:47am this morning. In his speech, Archbishop Odama called for peace, unity and support for the new Bishop. Soon after his installation, all priests from Lira Catholic Diocese took vows pledging their allegiance to Bishop Wanok.

The outgoing Bishop, Joseph Franzeli congratulated Bishop Wanok and urged him to focus on the unity of faithfuls in the Diocese. He says the coming of Wanok is aimed at promoting the mandate of Jesus, the Gospel of Good news and love. The Vicar General of Lira Diocese, Fr. Desiderius Pule Olima is optimistic that the coming of Bishop Wanok shall promote peace, unity and spirit of togetherness among faithfuls.

Bishop Wanok led a brief prayer session shortly after his installation, where he preached against sin and disunity among faithfuls. He told the congregation that he has come to teach the word of God. “I have come to teach his words not my words so that i can build on what my predecessors were teaching. I am building on the foundation, which is there, my predecessors planted very strong faith,” he said.

Adding that, “Stick to the strong faith because it is integrity in the context of tradition and it must be from the scriptures, our role is to read the scripture, interpret and use it to guide the faithful.” The ceremony attracted several Catholic clerics including Bishop ?Joseph Anthony Zziwa of Mityana Catholic Diocese and the Chairman of the Uganda Episcopal Conference among others.

Bishop Wanok becomes the fourth Bishop of Lira Catholic Diocese. He replaces Bishop Emeritus Rev Joseph Franzeli who has been serving since 2005 until 2018, November when he retired. Bishop Wanok was born on April 7th, 1957 at Ukuru Pamach village in Zombo District. He was ordained deacon on August 31st, 1986 at Ediofe Parish and later Priest on September, 27th, 1986 at Warr Parish.

He holds a Doctorate in Biblical Theology from Pontifical Urban University Rome. His predecessors include Caesar Asili who served from July, 12th 1968 until October, 12th 1988 and Joseph Oyanga who served from July, 4th 1989 to December, 2nd 2003.

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