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PS, Chief Justice in salary enhancement

Catherine Batarakwate

According to a circular letter signed by Ministry of Public Service Permanent Secretary Catherine Batarakwate Musingwire, salaries of some top public officials have been doubled and others increased four-fold raising questions on implication to the economy.

The letter shows the chief justice will starting this month receive a salary of Shs20million from Shs11million. His deputy will bag Shs18m from 10m.  The head of Public Service will earn Shs17.6m from 4.9m yet the deputy’s was enhanced from Shs4m to Shs15.5m. Permanent secretaries have had an increment from Shs3.7m to Shs15.4. The news of the increment comes amidst debate on wage disparities in public service which was re-ignited by the recent award of Shs6billion (popular presidential handshake) to civil servants who played a role in an oil case won by government.



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