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Priest in fear as his anti-Museveni book draft leaks to ISO

FILE PHOTO: Gen-Yoweri-Museveni

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Reverend Father Denis Mayanja, a catholic priest attached to Masaka diocese is in fear following the leakage of the draft of his book titled “People Power” to Internal Security Organization-ISO operatives.

The priest started writing the book that points out the deficiencies of president, Yoweri Museveni’s leadership in 2017.

However, his manuscript leaked to security operatives before it could go to print. The book advocates for civil uprisings as a cradle for good and democratic governance in Uganda.

Written in English, the book summarizes historical events that have shaped Uganda’s politics since independence until Museveni took over state power with his National Resistance Army-NRA in what he calls veneered Uganda’s liberation struggle that has turned out to benefit a few individuals.

Reverend Mayanja shades a picture of a government that has gradually been slipping off public expectations since the 1990’s to condone different forms of injustices mated out on underprivileged Ugandans including intolerance to divergent political opinions.

It is this group of people that Mayanja, says he craves to empower with courage to check on the excesses of those in leadership positions and effectively hold them accountable for their actions.

He bemoans the injustices people face at the hands of state agents who are expected to protect them.

Reverend Mayanja says he decided to write the book out of his moral obligation to push for better leadership, deserving of a country that endured ugly scenes of war in the past.

“The book can be used by any political grouping as long as they understand the spirit under, which it written,” he said when asked about its title. “People power” is associated with a group of political activists aligned to the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu a.k.a Bobi Wine.

According to Rev. Mayanja, the country could have made wrong choices in the past, which he says can only be resolved by invoking the solidarity of Ugandans to demand for equal justice.

Perusing through a draft copy of his book, Rev. Mayanja, said he isn’t afraid of any repercussions that may arise out of his literature, which he says intends to return the country to the right track.

He says some of his confidants he entrusted to edit the draft copy of the book betrayed the trucks and leaked it to ISO operatives.

Rev. Mayanja blames this state spies planted in the church, but says he is determined to release his book for public consumption.

Livingstone Luttamaguzi, the Greater Masaka Region Internal Security Officer couldn’t be reached by our reporter for a comment as he wasn’t at his office. He known mobile phone was also turned off.

But Major David Muwanga Kibirango, one of the operatives under the Masaka ISO Region Offices recently opened up about his schemes to compromise priests who are critical of government in the area.

He made the threats at the funeral of Reverend Father Gerald Mukwaya, a close associate of Rev, Mayanja in Kalungu district last week.

President Museveni has severally cautioned cultural and religious leaders against meddling in politics, arguing that it is not part of their duties.



  1. Reverand u were called to win souls foe christ not wage war with worldly people if i may preach to you papa its totally wrong to use books instead of calling the concerned parties and talk them i know the president respects religious leaders even the bible say so we should respect leaders cos they come from above pray for them its than accusing them u did totally wrong to write a book before trying to meet him u r not a good servant of God

    • If the truth is not told to them, who will announce it? Shame on u for quoting the Bible without understanding it. Political education has been removed from the school students doesn’t know the role of the government, let the priest to what the prophet Isaiah did.

    • Birungi Maureen think first before you say anything thank u.

  2. The Reverend is right to address the grievances of this state in a written literature, for dialogues have often failed in the Ugandan state in several occasions and I believe critiquing the ruling regime is not far from trying to make it realize its mistakes and search for answers to correct them…so Maureen pleases let the literature be the way out for the oppressed to express their feelings against the dictatorial regime

  3. maureen, u r also exposing yourself as one of m7’s spies !!! What is wrong with a priest writing in that regard ? U must recognize that, what the Padre wrote is one of the ways and means of winning souls for Christ !! Don’t expose your biased ignorance about the work of a priest !!!

  4. I totally agree with the priests. Isn’t the priest a human being who wants the best for his people? We all know bout what is happening in the country and so we need peace and justice. Moreen you can say what you want because you are on the side of the government but peoples life here matters the more . It’s the responsibility of each one of us to call for peace and justice.

    • Thank you sister Judith for coming up to say the truth….Many Ugandans are suffering coz good people are silent….If this country can have people like U, Rev.Mayanja, ,H.E BOBI WINE, ,Mp Lutamaguzi,,Mp Sekikubo,,Mp Tinkasimire,,Mp Zaake who can sensitive our people and tell dictator M7 the truth,,this country can move forward

  5. Why should he fear? Whatever happens to him is as a result of what we call reaping what u sow. When God called him to be a priest….that is if at all He called him, what is his business when he decides to write that instead of devoting to producing or training more priests? He deserves it all. I can’t wait for the day HE YKM will a point me to deal with such hooliganism.

    • You should know that Uganda is not as asset for your dictator MUSEVENI. ..this is our mother land and we have a right to point out weakness of this rotten government

      • Ok Eddie, I consider this your opinion and you are definitely entitled to it. But if I may ask….what can u do about “my dictator” and what u call a rotten government? any plans u have in mind? absolutely nothing!!!! all i can say is, as long as you have food on your table, a roof over your head some cash in your pocket, tart being creative and get your hands off the person u call a dictator…any leader is appointed by God

  6. Philip Muhire

    Canon Muhire Philip from kisoro. I suggest writing such book may not solve the problem. Our work as church is to preach against evil that harms all of us not pointing to government because even in your church there is evil like in the way we should support the government leaders by praying for them, not writing books against them.let’s fight evil not people.

  7. Your all wrong according to church setting, we have all people, both who support NRM and PP, it’s bad he went with one side, what if PP does the same thing he is alegdly Saying NRM did is he liable to misguiding the population or he will go to the other side. He was supposed to say politician blabla and good politician blabla, My Dady was excited when NRM came, when we got indepence, we should take caution let not anger lead us to a wrong decision, we don’t need more Luwums, and Maytrs actually all we’re then enemies of the state and King ship, sometimes I wonder how a traitor history is preserved and the warriors history is wiped.

  8. Rev.Mayanja was 100% right to expose the weakness of this rotten NRM government headed by dictator MUSEVENI who can not listen to religious leaders… People like Birunji must know that we are suffering coz the good people are SILENT about issues concerning our mother land Uganda….We must appreciate good people like Rev. Mayanja who sacrifices their time to expose bad leaders like dictator MUSEVENI……Birunji ist know that Uganda is not M7’s asset but a country that belongs to all Ugandans

    • Openjmungu Brigjt

      The writing has no problem only if it sought the peace of both the nationals and the government. It must be able to address the government and give solutions on how to govern well and in love. We there fore ought to clearly understand the content of his writing. However, we already begin to see a challenge in the writing when we see things like ‘rotten government’. We may need to be helped on how this article will lead to winning and saving soul. How can one who calls you rotten then gets your attention to advise. As ministers, our jobs are to advise and give counsel to leaders and the people; but when our approach fails, we loose both the people and the government.

  9. Openjmungu Brigjt

    Truth is good to be told; however, if truth is not properly told its wasted. We may have to look at the whole content of the book before any defence against and for him is made. I pray, it really meant to save the people and bring salvation to the lost. More still if it explains a good strategy to solve the problems underlined in the government in love with the ruling government. I believe as a servant of God, he has love for both the government and the people. Therefore, the article may be questioned if it squeeze one party against the other rather than helping to bring reconciliation.

  10. This kind of Ugandan naive way of thinking is clearly heading us to a very big pit actually an endless hole, I see tribes,religions and regions turning against each other, if we don’t calm down and a appreciate each other as humans. I want to believe that, every person born from the line of our grandfather Adam can never live without a mistake!!!! please let us embrace each other as beings created by God and also be ready to help our selves grow strong in our different fields of life by building each other’s weakness into strength but not condemning one another. Live to love unconditionally regardless

    Uganda is a blessing to many people in the world and I believe all Ugandans are very intelligent people with agile minds to make our home and country Uganda remain the pal of Africa. I love u Ug.
    God bless Uganda and may God bless Ugandans wherever you are across the globe.

  11. Canon Philip Muhire..kisoro muhabura subdean seseme

    You people thank this government for allowing you to speak out whatever you want whether sense or senseless, to the extent of writing books against government. People are ignoring the challenges in their own areas of calling and are busy condemning government when even their families are failing them or they don’t have, like rev father’s. I love this government. Speak you are allowed but what are you called for,to fight government or to support government. People power for what when it was sorted in ballot box and ended then.if they stole the votes where were you. I see people drunk with peace. OK speak.

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