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Politicians and clergy challenge followers on vigilance to fight criminality

The former lands Minister who doubles as the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) chairperson, Hon. Daudi Migereko, addressing journalists at Christ’s cathedral, Bugembe. PHOTO URN

Jinja, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Politicians and clerics under Busoga Diocese have urged their followers to remain vigilant to combat the increasing instances of crime in their communities. During the Christmas Day celebrations at Christ’s Cathedral Bugembe in Jinja city, both politicians and clergy reiterated the importance of vigilance. They advised their followers to be wary of manipulative criminal elements who exploit vulnerabilities to cause harm or stealthily rob valuables.

Former Lands Minister Daudi Migereko emphasized the need for community members to refrain from excessive drinking, which can make them susceptible to criminals aiming to steal their belongings or subject them to abuse. Migereko argued that lax security allows criminals to infiltrate communities undetected.

However, providing the police with intelligence on suspicious individuals can lead to conclusive investigations and ensure lasting peace. He added that if communities remain vigilant and adhere to security measures outlined by government agencies, they can avert ongoing threats without endangering civilians.

Rev. Dr. Joy Isabirye, the Sub-Dean of Christ’s Cathedral, Bugembe, highlighted the primary responsibility of parents in safeguarding their children against being exploited by those introducing them to drug abuse. Isabirye urged parents to educate their children on security measures, such as building high self-esteem and avoiding dark places and strangers, to protect them from manipulative individuals aiming to sexually abuse minors.

Furthermore, Isabirye encouraged all community members to report any criminal activities in their vicinity. This collective action can lead to the prosecution of offenders and prevent the proliferation of such crimes. Richard Gulume, the Jinja Resident District Commissioner, emphasized that security is the responsibility of everyone. He advised community members not to leave their valuables unattended during the festive season, as opportunistic individuals take advantage of the excitement to commit undetected thefts.

Gulume emphasized the importance of neighborhood watch in ensuring lasting peace within communities. He urged residents to register their details with the L.C.1s (local councils), facilitating coordination and collaboration on security matters. This measure helps in preventing criminal infiltration by allowing residents to monitor and detect suspicious activities by unknown individuals attempting to disrupt their community.



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