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Police raise alarm over rampant child murders

FILE PHOTO: Police spokesperson Fred Enanga

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Police have raised an alarm of increasing incidents of child murders in the last three months. They have tasked community leaders and parents to be ensure child protection.

Records at Criminal Investigation Directorate –CID released by police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, show 32 children have been killed or died as a result of arson or parents, caretakers’ negligence.

Enanga says though some high profile cases like child kidnaps and subsequent murders have been captured by their media, there are numerous cases where children have been killed by their own parents, relatives or guardians.

Out of 32 children who have been killed or died under mysterious circumstances, 13 were murdered by their parents or relatives, five died of parental negligence, two were burnt to death while only one was kidnapped for ransom and later killed.

“The Homicide department at CID that has a key role in the investigations of infant and child deaths, has noted that that several incidents, of infants and children dying before they reach 12 years. This requires public authorities to establish the cause of deaths, support the grieving parents and relatives and create interventions to prevent further deaths in children,” Enanga said.

Enanga said police urges community leaders to remind parents and others society members to keep a keen eye on the safety of children.

Public is encouraged to always be vigilant and obtain as much information as possible in respect of the history of the child and the circumstances leading up to the child being found dead.

“In particular, suspicious child deaths are often associated with significant social and domestic issues for parents or guardians, such as family misunderstandings, separation, divorce, alcohol, drug abuse, mental health issues, and previous history of violence,” Enanga said.

Some of the incidents that have made police raise an alarm over children insecurity include Deus Tumwebaze, who was kidnapped and murdered in Lyantonde last week. The kidnappers demanded for money. The boy was killed because the parents could not raise the money in time.

Ivan Natamba, 4, was allegedly killed by his 26-year-old stepmother Eva Nagaba on July 13th in Kakumiro District. Two-year-old, Akisham Okalo, was found dead near a shrine of one Amuza Muzige, at around 9 am on July 7.

James Olweny, a resident of Mayuge district was arrested on July 11 on suspicion of killing his four-year-old son, Samuel Owori. The suspect announced that his son had died abruptly but residents who had seen him beat the child for eating at the neighbours home became suspicious and alerted police.

Robinnah Asara was arrested on July 13, on suspicion of murdering her four months old daughter, Blessing Asindiru. Asara is a resident of Alivu village, Katrini Subcounty, in Arua district.

Twelve-year-old, Ngorok, was allegedly killed by a neighbour, Paul Loyolo, in Moroto District on July 12. Police did not establish a clear motive of the killing.



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