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NRM chairperson impeached for hosting Gen. Muntu


FILE PHOTO: General. Mugisha Muntu

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Yazid Muwaya, the Ibulanku sub county NRM Chairperson in Bugweri district is in trouble for hosting General. Mugisha Muntu.

The NRM Party Village and Parish Chairpersons impeached Muwaya this morning accusing him of hosting Gen. Muntu during the introduction ceremony of his daughter on March 2nd, 2019 to introduce his new formation to voters.

The chairpersons, who were drawn from 27 villages and seven parishes, which make up Ibulanku Sub County, elected Idi Kilego, as the acting bulanku Sub county NRM Chairperson.

Nasser Wandera, the Butende Parish NRM party chairperson who proposed the impeachment faulted Muwaya of publically supporting the opposition, which is a clear indicator that he is no longer interested in the NRM.

Ali Kaka, the Ibaako Parish NRM chairperson faulted Muwaya for openly declaring Muntu a promising presidential candidate, saying it compromises NRM party supporters at the grass root level.

Twalali Isabirye, the chairperson of Nawansega parish accused Muwaya of disrespecting party leaders and uttering statements, which undermine the NRM party in the public.

Shafic Muziransa, the acting Bugweri District NRM party chairperson, who presided over the meeting, says he served Muwaya with a letter inviting for the meeting but he refused to show up.

He promised to forward resolution made by the local leaders to the party secretariat for further action.

“The party has the final decision as far as impeachment of any leader in our structure is concerned. We shall forward this resolution to them for further action,” he said.

Muwaya told URN in a phone call interview that Muntu is his personal friend and the party cannot dictate whom he associates with.

“Muntu is a personal friend, an inspiration to my children for that matter. I am not giving pleasure to anyone, not even my party to decide who I choose to associate with,” he said.

About New Formation

New formation is a political pressure group comprised mainly of former FDC party members led by Gen. Muntu.

In December last year, Gen. Muntu promised to register and unveil a new political by the close of the year.

However, this didn’t happen as planned. It is not unclear whether or not Gen. Muntu and his supporters are still pursuing their dream to establish a political party.



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  1. If you our leaders don’t show how citizens are supposed to live in harmony with divergent principles, what do you think the Wanainchi to do? I presume Uganda is not a personal property of anyone. You found it and will one time at point X leave it and others continue. What you are exhibiting is sheer stupidity that is supposed to be condemned. Please enough is enough and don’t take politics to ruin our good country

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