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What next for Kananura aka Desh?

By Tracy Gwambe

Flamboyant businessman charged with murder of worker at Panamera Bar

I feel sorry for the family of the bereaved,” said Andrew Kananura also popularly known as Desh, who is on trial in connection with the death of Badru Katerega, who was a worker at his Panamera Bar and Lounge.

The flamboyant businessman was arrested on Jan. 18 at Entebbe Inter- national Airport as he jetted into the country from the United Kingdom where he has been allegedly on the run for more than three months.

Katerega, a Senior Six leaver on vacation was working at Kananura’s Panamera Bar when he was beaten to death. Kananura has been charged with his murder. He allegedly killed Katerega through beating.

Kananura appeared in court on Jan. 21 and denied the charges. He was remanded to Luzira Prison until Feb.12. He was charged with murder together with Cyrus Maganda, Samuel Muzulewa, and Jacob Onyango.

Two days before he was arraigned in court, Kananura was on Jan. 19 taken by police detectives back to Panamera Bar where his employee was allegedly killed to help detectives reconstruct the scene of crime.

It is not clear what the prosecution case will be but previous reports on the case alleged that Kananura routinely beat, undressed, and tortured workers at Panamera.

He would routinely search their pockets and bags for money he claimed they stole from him and insist- ed on taking even tips given to workers by customers.

On the day Katerega died, Kananura allegedly found Shs 10,000 on him and started to be him allegedly because he had stolen it. He was allegedly joined in beating Katerega by his co-accused.

Kananura allegedly boasted that he was close to the First Family and that the only people in the world that he fears are his mother and President Yoweri Museveni.

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