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Museveni explains why Western World should work with Russia

FILE PHOTO: President Museveni makes a presentation

President Yoweri Museveni has said that for sections in The West to think that they can trample on Russia like they have been trampling on the formerly colonized peoples of the world, is to be very reckless and dangerous to world peace.

In an article “The Confusion, Ingratitude as well as danger of Western Liberals and the Trump Therapy“, Uganda’s president Museveni noted that US president Donald Trump’s efforts towards convergence rather than divergence in international affairs, is a breath of fresh air.

“During the US campaign, I noticed President Trump using the words ‘convergence rather than divergence’, while handling international affairs.  That is exactly what the Western Liberals and Leftists should have been looking for,” Museveni wrote.

In his article, he outlined  the positive contributions Russia has made to global peace and the many instances of confusion displayed by the Western Liberals.

“Yet there are so many issues on which all of us – Africa, the West, Russia, China, India, Brazil- agree: universal education; improved health; industrialization; freedom of Peoples; the emancipation of women; anti-terrorism,” Museveni wrote.

“Why not take advantage of these convergences?  We who were colonized and brutalized by the Western Countries forgot and forgave those mistakes.  Why can’t these countries of the West have a just and balanced attitude to the countries of the East that are growing in capability and getting millions of Peoples out of poverty?”

US new president Trump

Museveni concluded by saying that “this is where Mr. Trump comes in.  He says: ‘Why do we not examine the possibility of working with Russia against common threats, such as terrorism?”

“The liberals then shout that Mr. Trump must be having a secret agenda with Mr. Putin etc.  This is why we could think of looking into the possibility of talking about the Trump Therapy for strategic myopia and recklessness in the West.”


Museveni on the West Confusion by The Independent Magazine on Scribd

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