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Mugara Wantimba; electronics dealer

By Joan Akello

Mugara, 22, started working as electronics salesman in his Senior Six vacation. He quit after two years to open his own business with his Shs 1.2 million savings by sub renting a large room with other business people in Ntinda, a Kampala suburb.  He deals in electronics such as extension cables, phones and accessories like ear and head phones, screen protectors, chargers, USB cables and electrical wires. He has learnt how to make electrical installations plus unlocking phones as well as phone repairs.

“The experience has so far been good,” says Mugara, “We hit peaks and lows so the turnover fluctuates.” He makes about Shs 1.5 million in an off peak month and close to Shs 4 million or more in a peak month. His biggest challenge is robbers. “In the last four years I have been here, this place is broken into every year and it is very difficult to start when they have stolen all your capital,” he says. He foresees vast opportunities in the business because to him, the transition has just begun with more and more Ugandans getting smart phones because you would hardly get people with touch screen phones.

Tip to success: Follow and maximize trends

Mugara says what is trending now is having a handset because it is the information age and people have an emotional attachment to their phones, earn or transact on phone, it is a symbol of one’s social status. Most times, because of this emotional attachment, certain charges are little bit exaggerated. Mugara, who is currently pursuing a degree in medical radiography, wants in to invest in health in future. “When you know how something like a business works, then you will make money. Never invest in what you do not fully understand. You will fail.”

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