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MOROTO: Suspected Karamojong warriors attack UBC radio station

Livestock loitering in the compound of UBC Radio in Moroto. URN_Photo

Moroto, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Suspected Karamojong warriors on Thursday attacked UBC Totore Radio Station in Moroto district and stole 36 cows.

The armed warriors attacked the kraal that is established inside the compound of the radio station. The kraal that is being guarded by the security forces belongs to Albert Lokoru, the Member of Parliament for Tepeth County in Moroto district.

Mariko Natudo, who was tending to the cows said that the warriors sneaked into the compound and cut the fence of the kraal, and accessed the cows. He adds that the raid happened when the eight UPDF soldiers were asleep.

Natudo said that one of the security officers saw the warriors taking the cows and fired shots at them, but the warriors fired back as they fled with the cows.

‘’These cattle rustlers were close to a hundred and all of them armed with guns and arrows, we also realized that when they entered the kraal, they left some group that had surrounded us outside the fence’’ Natudo explained.

Jones Jehoshaphat, a staff at UBC Totore FM expressed fear for his life following the frequent attacks by the suspected warriors.

Jehoshaphat said that the warriors have so far attacked the station premises three times between the months of February and May this year. He adds that the kraal at the radio station is putting their lives at risk.

He wants the radio management to expedite the reallocation of the radio to a safer place.

Moses Loduk, the LCI Chairperson of Singila Village, said that they have so far recovered six cows and the team is still tracking for other cows.

Loduk said they have traced the footmarks to Rupa Sub County in Moroto district.

Isaac Oware, the UPDF 3rd Division Spokesperson said that the security forces are working together with the local leaders to recover the stolen cows.

In March 2023, the suspected warriors dropped a letter in the compound of the radio station warning of an attack. A day later, the warriors attacked the radio station but were repulsed by the security forces.



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