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Maracha district officials root for Miriaadua falls upgrade

FILE PHOTO: Miriaadua falls. [photo by Charlotte Beauvoisin]
Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Officials in Maracha district have asked the Government to upgrade Miriandua Waterfalls, along the Arua – Koboko road to an International Tourism Site.

The area first came into the limelight three years ago during an inspection tour by district officials who uncovered a beautiful scenery hidden in the thickets of Lici Village. The area, surrounded by rocks and water flowing off the rocks with a spectacular twist, has since become one of the must-visit places for West Nile visitors.

Currently, the site of Miriaadua waterfalls has a Tobacco Leaf buying centre and a hall used for shelter on rainy days. The district has erected pillars to demarcate the water catchment and the surrounding areas to prevent cultivation by near-by families. The area around the site is owned by a family in Lici village.

However, Maracha Chief Administrative Officer Stephen Edema Budra says that the waterfalls have a huge tourism potential considering the increasing interest in the site by tourists from within and outside Uganda.

Maracha Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Modest Wadia says the district will seek for support from the Central government through and the Ministry of Tourism, Wild Life and Antiquities to upgrade the sites.  Wadia was speaking to crowds that convened at the site for the three-day West Nile Cere Festival.

Cere is a Lugbara word for ululations mainly associated with men during times of happiness or sorrow. The event is used to celebrate culture, music and adventure.

Stephen Edema said that the district is also planning to upgrade the Alikua Pyramids in Yivu Sub County and Rokoze Man-made Lake in Nyadri Sub County as a basis for attracting more tourists to the West Nile region.



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