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Low staffing hindering service delivery in Tororo

FILE PHOTO: Tororo district

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Tororo district is struggling with under staffing especially in the Education and Health sectors due to the absence of a functional District Service Commission.

The staff shortage is being blames for poor service delivery in the district. According to available information, Tororo district is operating at 62 percent of the require staffing level.

Some areas in the district are operating with Parish chiefs and Community Development officers.

The health department has 616 health workers out of the required 909, which they have a gap of 32 percent.

The education department, which is supposed to have 1864, is less by 5%, according to Jackson Osudo, the Principal Assistant Secretary Tororo.

Osudo says the low staffing in the district has greatly affected service delivery.

He also said that there were internal promotions of staff.  Osudo also says there were delays in approving the customized staff structure, which delayed recruitment in the previous financial year.

He explained that even when the percentage of teachers in the district standing at 95%, many people has applied to retire because they have clocked the retirement age.

Local Governments are required to recruit staff who are critical in the normal running of the district.




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