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NUP: Kyagulanyi’s bodyguard knocked dead in Busega

Francis Senteza Kalibala (left) , a security team member on Bobi Wine’s team. While the army say he fell off a fast moving car, Bobi Wine said he was deliberately ran over by military-police truck, No. H4DF 2382.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Francis Senteza Kalibala, one of the private bodyguards of Robert Kyagulanyi, the presidential candidate of National Unity Platform-NUP has been killed in a freak accident in Busega this evening.

NUP issued a statemeent saying Ssenteza has been knocked dead by a military vehicle as Kyagulanyi and his team drove to Kampala with journalist Ashraf Kasirye who was in critical condition after being shot in the head to get medication.

The National Unity Platform spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi confirmed to URN the death of Ssentaza in a brief phone call while heading to Rubaga hospital. “Yes it’s true he’s dead but right now am heading to Rubaga hospital to see other comrades.

On his social media platform, Ssenyonyi said, “These are very difficult times, very difficult indeed. We however choose to look to you God. Rest in peace Frank, one day your killers shall be brought to book.”

“I regret to announce the murder of my security team member Francis Senteza Kalibala aka Frank. He was deliberately ran over by military-police truck No. H4DF 2382 which blocked us in Busega on our way to Rubaga to get Kasirye Ashraf emergency medical attention.” -Kyagulanyi tweeted.

While Police are yet to comment on this matter, UPDF spokesperson Brig. Gen Flavia Byekwaso issued a statement on social media saying Senteza died as he tried to jump onto a fast moving vehicle.

“UPDF would like to clarify that the late Senteza Frank a NUP candidate close protection person was not knocked by a Military Police Vehicle as purported, but rather fell off a speeding Car Reg No UBF 850z (Drone) he tried to jump to but fell off.”

Earlier in the day, three journalists were injured as police dispersed supporters of National Unity Platform presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi in Masaka.

These are Ashraf Kasirye, a reporter with Ghetto Media who was shot in the head, NTV reporter Ali Mivule who was hit by a tear gas canister in the leg and Daniel Luttaya who was injured when police fired at the boda boda that was carrying him during the Masaka incidents.

On the injured journalists, police spokesperson Fred Enanga said  he police media crimes department has taken interest in the matter and opened a case file to investigate  the circumstances .

“We do appreciate the critical role of journalists to cover campaigns and we pledge better protections so they remain safe while documenting violent confrontations,” said Enanga”




  1. This is Bobi Wine’s bloody campaign. If his driver is not killed then it’s his bodyguard or supporter. These are his victims. He gives Lucifer their lives in order for him to retain his own and gain more power. His supporters and people around him ought to know that they’re merely his captives who can be sacrificed anytime. Even the journalists working for him are owned by him and could be sacrificed at any time. There is nothing he does that shows he’s willing to safeguard lives. He prefers dangerous confrontations and in that way, more lives are at his disposal for human and blood sacrifice. At every rally, someone must be injured or killed. Dr Kazimba rightly said that politicians are not worth dying for. Those who die for Bobi Wine open their eyes too late when they’re already in hell, their lives having been given to Satan.

  2. Victor thank you for comment while you criticized Robert Kyagulanyi for sacrificing some many of his supporters, you fall short of condemning his tormentors. Robert;s drive was short while sitting in a pick up which was not even moving his crime? being in a wrong place or being Kyagulanyi’s driver, the poor guy was just doing his job to earn a living, Ashriraf was shot in the head was it an accident ? why is government frustrating NUPs campaigns when NRM candidates do the same thing in Masaka, Hon minister for Microfinance went had a similar rally and police did arrest him. while Nup has failled to observe all SOPs but that is not a justification for shooting people, at least they should do the same on NRM rallies. what kind of government kills over 70 people of it citizens, and no one is brought to justice. we also supported museveni in Luwero and what do we have to show? nothing

  3. Those who think of these Lucifer and homosexual things on Mr president kyagulanyi are enemies of Ugandans and Uganda as a country. They enjoy seeing Ugandans suffer in all aspects. Check on the kidnapping,, killings,, land grabbing,, justice in judiciary department,, and blind fold in Media houses. So we here for the truth and we stand by it. Its time for change. # Uganda bleeding,, free Uganda. Freedom is all we need.

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