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King of the Jopadhola Moses Owor says Tororo for all, calls for unity

Deputy Katikkiro of Buganda Ssendaula (left)  delivers a message from The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mutebi to King of the Jopadhola, the Kwar Adhola Moses Owor.  The Adhola Kingdom Prime Minister Josel Obbo is middle. This was at the Adha Adhola funeral rites in Tororo on Saturday.

King of the Jopadhola Moses Owor says Tororo town for all, calls for unity

Tororo, Uganda | LOUIS JADWONG |   The King of the Jopadhola, Kwar Adhola Moses Stephen Owor, has challenged people in eastern Uganda to realize that they live in an era where ethnicity and individualism have no place in society.

He hailed Buganda Kingdom for showing support to the people of Tororo by sending a delegation to attend the burial, five years ago, of Adha Adhola (queen of the Jopadhola), and to her last funeral rites on Saturday at the Tieng Adhola palace.

“The gesture that the Buganda kingdom has given us is something remarkable that all of us should emulate. If people as far away as beyond the River Nile can show love and associate themselves with ourselves, how about we ourselves this side of the Nile?” Kwar Adhola Owor asked the huge gathering at his palace at the foot of Tororo Rock.

The Buganda delegation to the last funeral rites of Cecilia Awor Owor, was led by 1st Deputy Katikkiro Amb. Emmanuel L. Ssendaula.  Ssendaula read speeches from Kabaka Ronald Mutebi and Katikkiro CP Mayiga.

“I pay a special tribute to his majesty the Kabaka of Buganda for the love and affection he holds for this family,” said Kwar Adhola, after Ssendaula’s speech.

He added, “We were feeling a little abandoned, thank God however, little did we know that Cecilia had touched the hearts of many. That love is testified by your personal attendance here. What was our distress is now mitigated by your presence.”

Kwar Adhola tribute to Kabaka Mutebi

The Kwar Adhola,92, King of the Adhola people in eastern Uganda, hailed Buganda for its show of support to the people of Tororo, and asked those in Tororo to emulate them.

“This is a challenge to us, it is a challenge, that today we live in an era where ethnicity and individualism have no place in society,” Kwar Adhola stressed.

“There is no reason why a few or others should deny the others the liberty and freedom of staying in Tororo, and living as a citizen of Uganda entitled to live anywhere.”

He concluded his message by saying “As king of the Jopadhola, I declare that all people of all races, of all ethnicities, whatever political colour, are welcome to Tororo municipality, and Tororo will be a mother, a second home now and forever.”

Kwar Adhola Moses Stephen Owor arrives for the Adha Adhola funeral rites accompanied by the heiress Jane Kabbale.
The deputy Katikkiro Ssendaula and his delegation make their remarks.

On Tororo tension

“The world is becoming one, and if charity begins at home, it is an obligation for people of Tororo to ensure that whatever may have been separating them, that each one individually examines his conscience to examine what might have been the cause of the so called disunity in this district.”

The king described Tororo as a mother town, a mini- United States. “In United States, they have a moto which says, we are all one, though originating from different directions. Similarly there are so many people living in Tororo originating from different parts of Uganda and beyond.”

Kwar Adhola hails church for example

“I feel honoured by the church….it is a good example to all of us. We must emulate the church, this function was perhaps intended as a catholic mass but as you see, there has be no pushing or asking why anyone is of this or that religion or faith.”

His Grace James Odongo, Archbishop Emeritus of Tororo, led the mass. He was joined at the function by  the Anglican Bishop of Bukedi Samuel George Bogere Egesa and Pentecostal Church Bishop Okoth.

The mass and function was attended by Ugandans from across the country.  They included Benjamin Josses Odoki, former Chief Justice of Uganda, Egonda Ntende, Justice of Court of Appeal and John Mitala Head of the Civil Sevice.

Other prominent personalities who are atteended were Bank of Uganda Deputy Governor Dr. Louis Kasekende, URA board member Nicholas Okwir, professors Charles Olweny, Erisa Ochieng and  Oloka Onyango,  Minister Sara Opendi, NRM EC chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi, and area MPs Oboth Oboth and Apollo Yeri Ofwono.

His Grace James Odongo, Archbishop Emeritus of Tororo, congratulates Cecilia’s heiress Jane Kabbale

 Adha Adhola profile

The Adha Adhola Cecilia Awor Owor fondly known as Min Wengi (mother of twins) was born in 1935 to Alinos and Maxencia Oringo of Paya, Barinyang; the 5th of six children. She got married to Moses Steven Owor in 1952.

Her generosity was legendary and her house was always full of people who were drawn by her charm, warm friendliness and civility.

She passed away on the morning of June 18, 2012 and is survived by her husband, His Royal Highness Kwar Adhola, 10 children, 36 grand children and 12 great grand children.

Jane Kabbale was named her heir.




  1. Long Live our King Kwar Adhola, Moses Stephen Owor. Am a proud subject of the Kingdom

  2. Kwara Adhola, we Love you so so so Greatly Much, the itesorts are provoking us but we promise that before they kill us, we shall kill them, let them stop and stay in peace or else they will see the fruits of the provocation, the Adholas are allover in Bugiri, Mayuge, Bugerere, Kayunga, Mbarara, Buganda etc. They have never claimed for a Japadhola District.

    The itesorts are fighting the Bagwere Over Palisa, they are fighting the Bagisu over Namisindwa, they are fighting the Banyole over parts of Busia, they are trying to fight the Japadhola over Tororo. What is the problem with these people?

    Now the Jopatholars have to understand and stop being generous with these people. The issue of electing itesorts to repressent the Adholars has to stop and never to happen again by the Japs. We are japadholars and we are there in our land.

    The itesorts approach is esient and premitive and unacceptable In the current erra. We got so supprised that these people do not understand these people.

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