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Kagame is Rwanda’s Gramci

By The Independent Team

What better way to appreciate President Kagame for his new role as Rwanda’s Antonio Gramci. Antonio coined the term organic intellectual to refer to a people who realise they have a problem and fight to overcome them. He further argued that solutions to problems lie within the problem itself.

Speaking to residents in the Eastern Province, President Kagame reminded them that solutions to the challenges the country faces lie among Rwandans themselves and not foreigners.

Rwanda motorists switch to the left

In was reported in the East African that a majority of Rwandans are keeping left while driving as opposed to the status quo.

According to a study commissioned by the ministry of infrastructure it is cheaper to own and maintain right-hand-drive. But President issued a directive in 2005 banning further importation of right-hand vehicles. The right-hand vehicles were expected to be phased out in four years from the date of the presidential directive. The move will harmonise Rwanda’s traffic rules with those of the rest of the East African community which she has joined.

Ex-minister sent to jail for two years

They say, man eateth where he worketh, but what happens when the food chokes you? Well, former minister Bikoro Munyanganizi will answer that. He was sentenced to two years in jail after being found guilty of corruption. Together with the representative of Espina, Duenas Herrara and Bosco Bavakure of the national purification programme will serve three and one respectively. All the accused were found to have a hand in the concealment of building tiles which were to be used in the national water purification project. All items of the project were tax exempted. This could be a stern warning to those who may want to use their offices to amass wealth with impunity.

Genocide fugitive arrested

You can run but you can never hide. That became true of Gregoire Ndahimana, who has been hiding in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the genocide ended in 1994. He is accused of killing the Tutsi who had sought refuge at the Nyange parish. The arrest was a result of improving relations between Rwanda and DR Congo, which has led to sharing of intelligence information about either country’s fugitives.

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