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Kabale COVID-19 taskforce accused of politicizing food distribution

FILE PHOTO: Relief food distribution

Kabale, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Kabale Municipality residents are up in arms accusing the area COVID-19 Taskforce of politicizing relief food distribution.

The task force has so far received 65 tons of relief food from politicians, the business community and other groups to feed locals whose livelihood was disrupted by measures taken to control the spread of coronavirus disease –COVID-19.

But locals say that the members of the taskforce are giving priority to supporters of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party. Locals also accuse the taskforce of targeting landlords and shop owners and leaving out tenants who are even more vulnerable.

Sam Bekunda, a resident of Kigogi B in Central Division says that the food distribution is full of loopholes and wants authorities to account for the tons of food that they have received since the lockdown started.

Evalist Tugeineyo, another affected resident says that when he heard that distribution has started, he had hoped to be among the beneficiaries. However, he says he was beaten up for allegedly shaming the taskforce through crying via media about their suffering and later told that he did not qualify for the relief food.

Victor Arinda, another resident says that although he was included on the list of beneficiaries, he was later told by authorities that he cannot get the food because he has no national identity card.

But Sam Arineitwe, the Central Division Chairman says that denying people food basing on their political interests and affiliation to the National Resistance Movement was erroneous.

Kabale Resident District Commissioner Darius Nandinda says that the task force has no food to distribute to even those who can afford to buy for themselves.



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