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Iran slams U.S. addiction to sanctions as feature of hegemonic system

Nasser Kanaani, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson. File Photo

Tehran, Iran | Xinhua | The Iranian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the U.S. addiction to sanctions and using them as leverage against others is a characteristic of the U.S. hegemonic system.

Nasser Kanaani, the ministry’s spokesman, made the remarks on Tuesday in reaction to new U.S. sanctions imposed on Monday against Iran’s trade of oil and petrochemical products, according to the ministry’s website.

A change of administration does not change the U.S. addiction to sanctions, Kanaani said, adding that U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration has been continuing and even expanding the “maximum pressure” policy pursued by former President Donald Trump.

“They do not give up these useless and destructive measures even at a time when efforts are underway to resume the talks over a return to the Iranian nuclear deal,” he noted.

Iran, he said, will react decisively, strongly and immediately to the White House’s sanctions while implementing all the required measures to neutralize their adverse impacts on Iran’s trade and economy.

Kanaani said the U.S. imposition of new sanctions against Iran came at a time when its people have already sustained heavy casualties and economic losses in recent flash floods.

The U.S. move clearly exposes the “hypocritical nature” of the U.S. and the insincere condolences offered by its special envoy for Iran.

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