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Confronting China

The prospect of Chinese global leadership is not inviting but the U.S. is rapidly fading as an alternative COMMENT | IAN BURUMA | Instead of using all the powers of the U.S. federal government to limit the ravages of COVID-19, President Donald Trump’s administration is wasting precious time and energy …

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The U.S.-China coronavirus blame game

  Their conspiracies are getting dangerous when what the world needs today is cooperation not confrontation COMMENT | JOHN POMFRET | In early 1952, the three-year-old People’s Republic of China faced a public relations crisis in the middle of the Korean War. After agreeing to let prisoners of war (POWs) …

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Planting seeds of regime change

How GMO seeds and Monsanto are driving US policy in Venezuela | Whitney Webb | As the political crisis in Venezuela has unfolded, much has been said about the Trump administration’s clear interest in the privatisation and exploitation of Venezuela’s oil reserves, the largest in the world, by American oil …

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U.S. attacking North Korea?

Surely Donald Trump couldn’t be that foolish By Benjamin Habib As the USS Carl Vinson and its carrier battle group steamed through the Pacific toward the Korean Peninsula in late April, many were wondering if the Trump administration could be so rash as to attack North Korea. Regardless of how …

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COMMENT: The pesticide threat

The appointment of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s biggest detractor as its boss could become America, and the world’s nightmare  By Mojisola Ojebode A new report issued by the United Nations (UN) takes a controversial stance on synthetic pesticides. The conventional wisdom is that they are essential to feed the …

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Trump loses first legislative battle

US President Donald Trump is reeling from yet another setback in his young tumultuous administration- the failure to pass a healthcare law, hastily assembled to replace Obamacare. Trump faced stiff resistance from fellow Republicans who denounced the bill as unhelpful to the average American battling rising healthcare costs. For seven …

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