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France gets First Dog: Macron adopts labrador mix Nemo

French presidential Emmanuel Macron

Paris, France | AFP | In keeping with time-honoured French presidential tradition, Emmanuel Macron has given the country a First Dog.

The 39-year-old president and his wife Brigitte adopted a black labrador-griffon mix at the weekend, whom they have named Nemo after the captain in Jules Verne’s science fiction classic, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea.

Nemo — who is aged between one and two and was adopted from a shelter for abandoned dogs — was glimpsed on Monday scampering around the Elysee Palace in a red collar, under the watchful eye of footmen in frock coats.

Every post-war French president has had a dog, who has the run of the palace’s expansive gardens.

Most have picked a labrador, though World War II hero Charles de Gaulle had a pint-sized corgi — a gift from Britain’s Queen Elizabeth.

Nemo succeeds Philae, a labrador named after the European Space Agency’s comet lander that was gifted to ex-president Francois Hollande as a puppy by Montreal-based French war veterans.

Across the Atlantic, torrents of ink were spilt on ex-president Barack Obama’s pet dogs Bo and Sunny.

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