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Eighty-year-old Muwanga picked up for selling disputed 500 acres of land

Battles over land now common across the country

Luwero, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Detectives at the Land Protection Police Unit (LPPU) have preferred three charges against an 80-year-old man arrested for fraudulently selling more than 500 acres of land in Nakasongola and Luweero districts.

Guster Muwanga was arrested a fortnight ago following a complaint from four people accusing him of masquerading as an administrator of late the Joshua Kabiine and selling the estates without their knowledge. The land in question comprises 370 acres on block 722 in Bulemeezi, Luweero district and 130 acres on block 224 in Bululi, Nakasongola District.

Investigators at LPPU headed by Commissioner, Charles Mutungi, have concluded that Muwanga should answer charges of fraud, forgery and impersonation. While speaking to Uganda Radio Network, Muwanga accused two people; Enock Sendawula and Yasin Kayongo of hoodwinking him to sell the land. However, Muwanga was tasked by detectives to help trace Kayongo and Sendawula but he failed.

“I did not have the documents for the land. But Sendawula and Kayongo said they would help me secure letters of administration. They brought the documents but they did not give them to me. They also helped me to get land titles for the people who bought the land. But I can’t find them now,” Muwanga said.

Police have established that all the land titles that were given to people who bought the land were forged and some have so far been confiscated. However, the unsuspecting buyers according to police have already set farms and built homes on the land in question.

“We have sent the file to DPP for perusal and legal advice. We have given this Mzee chance to lead us to people he says deceived him to sell but he has failed. We have also learnt that he is involved in another land scandal in Kasangati. This shows he knew what he was doing,” a detective said.

The four people who are lawful administrators, according to court documents include Kirumira Henry Gyagenda, a son to the late Kabiine, Sekayala Fenekansi Sendowooza, a grandson, Nakitto Sanyu Mayi and Katazza Harriet Kanaabi, both grand-daughters.



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