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‘Don’t pressurize government to reconcile with criminals’

 Omudingiya of the Bamba speaks to his people at the meeting with the president. PPU PHOTO
Omudingiya of the Bamba speaks to his people at the meeting with the president. PPU PHOTO

Government will not tolerate anybody who attempts to politicize crime, President Yoweri Museveni has stressed.

While meeting a delegation of Obudingiya bwa Bamba cultural institution led by the Omudingiya wa Bamba Amongi Martin Kamya yesterday in Kasese, Museveni said those who were involved in the recent criminal violence that claimed lives of citizens in Rwenzori region must answer for their actions.  He stressed that the NRM government will not negotiate or seek any form of reconciliation with those who participated in the murder of innocent Ugandans.

“Don’t bring about political pressure on criminality because there is no reconciliation with killers. Murder is a criminal offence and it is well resolved in the penal code and the constitution,” he said.

He said that pardoning and granting of amnesty to murderers had brought about complacence in the Ugandan society, making many to forget the Movement founding principles that have zero tolerance to the killers.

Commenting on the July 2014 invasion of the military barracks by the Bakonzo youth on account of being marginalized by the Bamba in Bundibugyo district, Museveni warned the people against taking the law in their hands and said, that even if people were offended and marginalized, they should endeavor to resolve their disputes using the constitutionally and legally recognized means other than resorting to violence.

“These innocent youth were lured into attacking the military and they lost their lives leaving behind orphans, widows and their homes. What benefits did those who instigated them get? You should have petitioned courts in case of injustice and you would be heard,” he said.

The Omudingiya Wa Bamba Martin Kamya said that the institution of Obudingiya Bwa Bamba has, in accordance with the law, not participated in partisan politics since her inception and pledged to remain so.

He however called on the president to close the communication gaps resulting in suspicions that exist between the institution of Obudingiya, the government security agencies and the central government that he said had resulted into mistrust and hence the escalating of the insecurity in Bundibugyo district.



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