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Covidex is not confirmed Covid-19 treatment – Prof. Ogwang

Covidex has only undergone laboratory tests on animals to determine active compounds and safety. Courtesy photo

Mbarara, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The developer of COVIDEX, a herbal treatment that has been marketed to cure COVID-19 has said the drug has not yet been confirmed to cure the disease.

According to a statement issued by Prof. Patrick Engeu Ogwang, a lecturer at Mbarara University of Science and Technology and also the founder of the drug, no clinical studies have been carried out on the drug to determine its efficacy.

According to Prof. Ogwang, the drug has only undergone laboratory tests on animals to determine active compounds and safety.

“Only a few people have used it so far to relive their symptoms of COVID-19. More proof is needed to show it works against COVID-19. Clinic trials that prove as medicine or effective has not yet been done due to funding limitations,” said the statement signed by Prof. Ogwang.

Prof. Ogwang’s statement comes following statements from the National Drug Authority (NDA) and Mbarara University cautioning people on the use of the drug since it has not yet undergone proper assessment.

As Prof Ogwang gets funding for trials, he has been advised to change the name of the product and stop making claims that it can treat COVID-19.

Over the weekend, demand for the product rose. Many people were looking for it at pharmacies located in Wandegaya, Kampala. The drug was being sold at several pharmacies at Shs 10,000 for each 20 mls bottle. According to pharmacists selling the drug, a person needed seven bottles of the drug to be cured from COVID-19. The drug was also sold as a preventive treatment for the disease.

According to Mbarara University, COVIDEX is one of several products including a hand sanitizer that have been developed as part of the university’s Pharm-Biotechnology Traditional Medicine Center (PHARMBIOTRAC).

The drug is not the first that has been developed to tackle COVID-19. The Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute is in the process of developing a COVID-19 cure, UBV-01N. So far the drug has been used by 53 people and studies are ongoing.




  1. I appreciate your concern as the independent, but covidex as a herbal drug ,it works.
    Because me my self I used it.
    I see just politics in these covid issues,we know very well the disease is in uganda.

    We need to be very happy and support such people struggling to develop the drugs.

    These guys of NDA are not serious, they are supposed to support
    Lastly if they fill is not confirmed what are they doing to aid ⛑️ him next step, because people are dying.
    Please let’s avoid politics in such suitations.

    • mbu it has not been tried…please please …what trials did all these vaccines being peddled go through?give us a break. only God is for us.Thanks for your testimony George.God watch and keep prof Ogwang

    • Bonita Attracta

      i Agree two relatives of mine used it and they were relieved in 2 days .!
      He needs more funding .

  2. It needs investigation as. NDA directed but once confirmed either good or bad something has to be done accordingly to save people by imposing a ban on covidex or build brain on it depending on investigation

  3. If it has not yet been confirmed let them comform meanwhile the drug must continue to circulate among people since no side effects have also been found since when the drug was released

    • The drug must be developed by whites not Ugandans logic

      • Why should the drug be developed by whites nawe Sssamu?????? It’s our find… We need to own it and do the all round till perfection

      • even the disease was developed by whites so thy have keys for everything…hmmmm

      • That kind of mind set is what is killing us. When are we going to start depending our ourselves to make things work? must the whites do everything for us?

        I appreciate the efforts and contributions of Ugandans who are toil day and night to save the country .Bravo Mr. Ogwang

      • Which race are you?? If you take ur self to be dependent wait for whites don’t waste our time.
        Stay home and sleep wait for whites to act.

    • Ah Dr

      with this title kindly soften the comment

      “since no side effects have also been found since when the drug was released ”

      this arises from data collected using the scientific method

    • I support your line of thought. This thing is purely herbal and it has been observed that natural herbs are rarely harmful unless if the person reacts to a particular herb. If the people who have used it so far are reporting significant improvement then let it come on the market as NDA sorts itself out. From what I know, it will take them 4 to 5 years without approving it. Because according to their capacity they don’t even know what they auto to look for in that drug.

  4. So if a Ugandan Prof.O discovers a drug ,from herbs it must complete clinical trials before it is used . So what if it is effective after loosing people ,what shall we tell their successors? Yet we are here drumming to take a vaccine whose clinical trials have not been done but are being done on us universally . Uganda needs prayers

  5. Tibahingwa Keloy. Pretty

    We really need that herbal in Uganda since it has already helped many people. My prayer is that God may protect Prof Ogwang from devilish Ugandans. We request the Prof to produce more remedies for sickle cells, diabetes , hypertension and civic19 and send in all pharmacies especially in Lira.

    • I know of a research doctor who heals sickle cell, diabetes and many other diseases but he canever come out openly. I wonder why this world is so unfair.

      • Hi Bruno. Please can you kindly share details of this research doctor who heals sickle cells, diabetes etc. My mother has diabetes and one of my family members has 3 kids and all have got sickle cells.

        Thank you

      • Share your your contact please…I have a cousin with sickle cell s

      • Namwano Rechael

        I am a diabetic patient and my parents too and my nephew also has sickle cell and the other three are carriers, can you please help me with his or her details. Thank you.

        • I know someone has got a serious medicine that cures diabetes by balancing the sugar levels and also treats ulcers completely.

      • Sandra Kebirungi

        Hi Bruno … plz share the professors contact information.

    • get me his contact. i know of some family with sickle cells and need help

  6. Tibahingwa Keloy Pretty

    May I have the professor’s contact and e-mail address please. I’m stranded.

    • Covidex is available at only these licensed outlets Cloud pharmacy kyebando,Extra care gayaza,Friecca wandegeya,MM wandegeya,Mwiru pharmacy kajansi,Litis and Fayette @ abaita ababiri, Olive pharmacy Mbarara, ephinania muyenga, neutral herbal life Jinja, spella pharmacy Mbarara, Wilbert, pecos pharmacy Mbarara, c and e Mbarara, silva pharmacy

  7. Let’s support the professor at whatever level, so many people have come out to say it has helped them get well from symptoms of Covid-19. Why should we use Vaccines that have been rejected by Europe and USA without questioning the constituents of such vaccines and then oppose our very own country men and women that are coming up with local working solutions? – Is this a case of inferiority complex or there are people and businesses that feel threatened by such local pharma solutions?

  8. I have people that were on oxygen, used covidex.They have now tested negative. I wonder why we can’t trust our own. When it’s Ugandan made it should undergo scrutiny as thousands die, if it’s from out of the country it works. Who is fooling who? we shall use it after all we are not sure whether the vaccine is safe for us. Herbal medication will not kill us, it’s the vaccine that will.
    Let me even order for more for my mother, we shall die trying not look at our people dying mbu we are waiting for NDA, ………

  9. Ah Dr

    with this title kindly soften the comment

    “since no side effects have also been found since when the drug was released ”

    this arises from data collected using the scientific method

    the level of responsibility being exhibited by the regulators is appropriate

    We are very happy with the response from the Prof and pray he gets funding to complete this wonderful work

  10. Amanyire Jordan

    we are aware herbal medicine is acknowledged by NDA. That is why many companies go on radio stations, Tvs advertising for their products with out any hinderance. Using HIV/AIDS as an example, there are some herbs that have been proven to relieve some symptoms like frangipani sap in the management of herpes zoster.
    Therefore, let people use it since it has been reported to be effective as further investigations go on.

  11. I thank Prof ogwanga for his trials ,i just pray that all potential profs in uganda come out and show their concern as far as fighting the disease is concerned!!!

  12. I know you just forced the good professor to say his drug is not yet confirmed to be effective. Who cares? The drug is working like magic. Why not let us be? I request Dr Ogwang Engwau to produce the concoction in droves. The price is not Ugx 10,000 at all, I bought it for my brother at Ugx 20,000 at Wandegeya This is because the demand is too high.

    Finally, may the good lord protect Prof Ogwang and the COVID-19 mafias go to hell.

  13. I am proud of my fellow citizen Dr. Ogwang for taking heart to combat the virus , how long are we going to wait for a white man for every thing without waking up to try hard ourselves, if the white man fails , does it mean we die ?, instead of critizing , it’s best we rise as Africans and start trying , we start supporting our own ,the drug has already worked for those that have used it , No Drug is usually 100% effective at the time of it’s production , they are all improved over time with reports from those that have used them .

  14. Chief
    By virtue of being an active professor he had to make that clarification, for to fall short, would be destructive to his career;

    it is not about transient praise but satisfying the requirements

    It is nice all people are interested in the drug as one of the brands of alternative medicine, one that has helped them, and they are indeed free to take the drug

    We pray that he successfully gets to the stage where it will be approved by the regulators, who are in charge of safety standards

  15. Uganda ever in it’s political games. I hate politicians with passion. People are dying, someone has come up with something to help us but politicians are there claiming that they need approval of the drug. I won’t even vaccinate coz I have a feeling they want to kill us.

    • Odeke Charles Dickens

      What we say approves come. From people that have used the product,, now if they have said it is good and the drug was even used on animals and no problem has been founded, then which approval again do we need? Is it from machines and rocks again? Meanwhile let’s continue. Using our thing, make our findings, and our approvals. This is Africa, this is Ugandan.

  16. We don’t know which pharmacy in this ends of Namugongo has that covidex

  17. To everyone that is reading this
    The Covid 19 is a deadly virus that has claimed so many people’s lives over the whole world .There is no known treatment whether scientific or not !!Ant thing that helps and protects people from dying is we should welcome with open mind and open hearts and arms .
    What choice have you got when you develop covid .Death or try whatever is a vailable and survive .You can argue and wait for scientific approval but at the moment with so many Ugandans lying on their death beds .Any one who loves their wife ,husband ,mother ,father ,son ,daughter or best friend who is lying gasping for the next breath please I beg you !you loose nothing by trying this COVIDEX .
    And please any chance who ever takes it and survives continue to give live testimony .Herbal treatment is used all over the world and works but very complex and difficult to gain Svientific approval .
    For example most Ugandans must be a ware of the traditional treatment for fractures !!!this has no scientific approval but it works . May we continue to have Gods Mercy to protect and save us from this Deadly Virus

  18. Ugandans have taken alternative medicine products for ages and there is no need to make choices for individuals

    Those in positions of responsibility have only done the right thing; notify you of the status quo

    All is well that ends well

  19. I thought Uganda was promoting Buy Uganda and Build Uganda (BUBU). So Covidex is one those products made buy a Ugandan and in Uganda.

  20. Dickson Mugume Bravo (Sabiiti)

    I thank proof. Ogwang for wonderful research he has made to save the lives of Ugandans and people in the world.
    Please my dear Ugandans let’s put politics a said people are dying.
    Since there is no proven medicine for covid19 , we can be using COVIDEX for a while so long as it works than loosing our people.
    Why can’t we trust ur own scientists.
    In our traditions people used herbs and they could survive for long than people living today with drugs.
    Thank you professor Ogwang

  21. Dickson Mugume Sabiiti

    Thanks prof. Ogwang

  22. Centenary Rita Butyokoza

    Thanks prof.Ogwang

  23. Nicholus muhwezi

    America isn’t using the vaccine they produce, they are just doing trials on us…NDA hasn’t made any scrutiny for these vaccines, the vaccine isn’t even protecting people from COVID-19 😔 covidex is giving hopes to many Ugandans, patients who have been on their death beds can now shout with praise and worship. Kindly NDA give support to prof ogwang and save the pearl of Africa and Africa as whole. For God and my country 🙏🙏🙏buy uganda build uganda

  24. I want to try out with the drug. But Mr. Mansuul in Kajansi is selling one bottle at 100,00 ugx. Isnt this thiefty….plz advise him

  25. Patriotic Hardliner

    It’s bad that Pro. Ogwang will be discouraged more to give up now to the demands of our tyrant hypocritical government that wants to make business with whites to just stay wealthy and tormenting the rest of us, but later unfortunately this Genius Son of our Soil will give in to work for whites like our Kaihurankuba for those who remember him very well.

  26. Patriotichardliner

    Ugangan so called Political Leaders in Authority must wake up or they hag, for how long will this foolishness continue. Brovo Bwana Prof. Ogwag, please go ahead to manufacture at high gear while doing more research. We must use the less effective we have already gotten that waiting for usual hot air of government and its agents.

  27. Prof. Ogwang, you are our Hero. I pray God protects you so as to save our land.
    I just bought my Covidex at 30K per bottle I wont stop buying until it gets off the market.

  28. Thanks to prof Ogwang but when is this covidex reaching us in Gulu city? Sincerely, people are dying!

  29. How many people are tested positive every day? Activate Namboole as a treatment centre and use COVIDEX on all volunteer patients there for one week. Would be great to listen to testimonies after one week.

  30. The only unemployed with a smile

    I thank prof . May God fill you with wisdom to research more about the disease and medicine. Mostly research on the medicine of unemployment in Uganda.
    There you will be a great researcher. Thank

  31. The only unemployed with a smile

    I therefore ask government to give a job not money for lockdown.

  32. Odeke Charles Dickens

    Thanks Doctor.
    God. Gives people gifts to prosper them and as well supporting and helping others.
    What God has given you is a remarkable gift of wisdom and knowledge that will help the whole universe like Noah and the rest of God’s mighty men.
    1corinthians chapter 12 and 14

  33. These politicians are greedy. They want us dead,selling there own country men. How comes u embraced vaccines from the whites? Nonses is it because he is ogwang? . God protect him for us I’m

  34. I disagree with the WHO, CDC, MOH, MOE, UCC, MOD, IRCU, MOP service,for Biblical reasons, constitution reasons and universal bill of rights.

    These are the most mislead group of people in our country.

    My question is? Who the people behind the advice from the WHO to MOH? This is where the problem is. These individuals in the WHO are questionable individuals with questionable data. They have made many mistakes and are not apologetic. Let’s be reminded that these guys did not drop from heaven into the WHO. So we have aright to question them?

    What Uganda is experiencing now is: STATE CAPTURE.

    For now let’s pray for prof. Ogwang and this beautiful team of scientist for their efforts. Covid is Angenda its never been ependamic but a plandemic. Those folks are able to negotiate, intimidate and eliminate prof and his team. Keep an eye on them in prayer.

    Only Ugandans can build Uganda and not the so called experts or non-state actors.

    For God and my country.

  35. Bravo prof. Ogwang. U r do’in the works of God, never worry of intimidation by eg NDA, & next WHO…..etc. They care only to safegaurd their bread with uncalled for b’rcratic procedures/rules/laws at a time of emergency tat need desperate options. Keep on saving lives, God is with/in u.

  36. When President Museveni of Uganda declared paying Scientists more money for salary, it looked a myth! Scientists have helped to prove the Presidents VISION for Ugandans and the two take credit: Professor Ogwang and President Museveni. We do not need to wait for medicine for diseases from only Whites countries. The herbs we have in Africa are good enough to eradicate all types of viruses as long as Professors like Ogwang concentrate in the LAB PHARMACIES to process them. The request is, WHO should not be stringent if anything harsh to Africans when they make a break through in anything. I would rather wish for Whites to import millions of COVIDEX to try in countries where the virus is killing our brothers and sisters rather than delaying, arguing over what is already healing other people. A DYING MAN WOULD RATHER PREFER COVIDEX TREATMENT TO DYING WITHOUT ANY OTHER OPTION. The WHO should as well open for Africans to export herbal processed materials for human consumption in the WHITES COUNTRIES. My request is to the Uganda President to extend his direction to more Doctors and other Artisans to explore more with Uganda space to discover/invent more for export. the potential is evident as Gulu University has similar results, eliminating COVID-19 virus from a human body.

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